Yeah, Good Luck With This Working

By Mike Norys

If you read this column on a regular basis, then you know how
much I like to be appreciated/ noticed/liked/loved/etc. Every week
I hope to put out some sort of legendary column that I will put on
my wall one day while I’m writing for some sort of national

You know how excited I got when I attempted to go to the
UCLA-Cal Poly game and I heard the coordinator explain to someone
that my photographer and me needed to get on the bus because they
‘wanted’ the Poly Post to cover the game. My overwhelming sense of
narcissism when dealing with any sort of woeful or pathetic
recognition is just that: pathetic.

Which is why I when I get to that point where I have some sort
of cubicle-we’ll call it my ‘office’-to put up a copy of one of my
school columns, the pickings will be slim.

And yet, I’ll revel in my most recent request of using my column
as a means for informing the school population. I feel sorry for
the individual that thought this would work.

But I digress.

This weekend the men’s basketball team will host Cal State
Bakersfield for another ‘Pack the Gym Night.’

It will mark the second event this season that has attempted to
break the attendance record and my pessimism will shine through
when I say that it will be the second event that has failed to
break the attendance record.

Which is too bad.

This event will surely be as fun as the previous. The giveaways
seem just as good if not better with the main prize being the
ability to win free tuition. Free food will be offered along with
another live DJ and the event should be just as successful as
‘Welcome Back the Pack’ without actually breaking the attendance
record yet again.

Along with all of the previously mentioned factors that can be
controlled, the game should be excellent as well. The Broncos will
take on Cal State Bakersfield, one of the better teams in the
California Collegiate Athletic Association and a team that will
soon be a part of the Division I (which is ludicrous, but that’s
another story).

Either way, the event should garner more interest in the
direction of one of the more exciting aspects of our campus: the
men’s basketball team.

The men’s basketball team has now started the season 11-3,
including 7-2 in league and has no signs of slowing down.

They are winning games and they are winning them often, meaning
this team will be playing a lot longer than last year’s team, when
the team’s season came to a disappointing early end.

Just like this column.

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