Hitcher’ is Cheesy and Tacky

By Jenny Johnson

The action packed movie, “The Hitcher,” sheds light on what
might happen when a couple picks up a hitchhiker during a spring
break road trip.

The remake of a 1986 version tells the story of Grace, played by
Sophia Bush, and Jim, played by Zach Knighton, who hit the road for
a fun filled spring break vacation. The pleasure trip soon turns
into a nightmare when the couple picks up mysterious John Ryder,
played by Sean Bean.

Director Dave Myers is credited as one of the biggest music
video directors working today and has worked with bands such as
Creed, Brittany Spears, Janet Jackson and OutKast just to name a
few. Myers should really stick to his day job. Although the movie
contains nail-biting suspense, it is unreal and cheesy for most of
the 83 minutes. Audience members find themselves laughing instead
of being scared and in disbelief of the extreme events throughout
the movie.

Myers seems to have lost sight of what made the original film
scary. There is no real development to the characters and the
hitchhiker comes across as a supernatural force of evil. The action
sequences are so impersonal that when the key character is torn in
half, the death has little or no emotional impact on any of the
fellow stars.

The plot is so devoid of substance that when the end credits
start to roll, the audience is left with the idea that they have
wasted their time and money.

Perhaps the only interesting part of the movie is the
soundtrack, which will keep you entertained during the appalling
movie. Tracks such as “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, and intense
instrumentals keep the audience mildly amused throughout this
dismal movie.

Myers utilizes all of the assets at his disposal to create the
cheesiest, tackiest and most despondent film of the year. With the
award season already in full swing don’t expect this movie to ever
be nominated. The only award it might receive is the Razzie award
for the worst horror film in 2007 yet.

Jenny Johnson can be reached by e-mail at arts@thepolypost.com
or by phone at (909) 869-3744.


Hitcher’ is Cheesy and Tacky

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