Switchfoot Returns

By Jenny Johnson

San Diego-based band Switchfoot is back with a new sound and
tour dates for their sixth album “Oh! Gravity” the follow up to
their 2005 double gold album “Nothing is Sound.”

“We’ve always used music as a vehicle to explore our own
questions and frustrations,” said singer, songwriter and guitarist
Jonathan Foreman on a recent press release.

Coming off three hit records in a row, Switchfoot has approached
its new album with the confidence and desire to grow musically.
Switchfoot has developed a harder rock edge. The band has also been
inspired to create tracks with more soul, which generates a light
blues flavor.

“We were listening to a lot of Motown Records at the time,” said
Jonathan Foreman. “I guess whenever white guys try to play soul
music it comes out sounding like The Stones.”

In the title track, Switchfoot sings about why the world “can’t
seem to keep it together.” The song provokes the listener to
visualize a different time and place; into a world full of love,
peace and understanding which is the theme for the album.

The second track on the album “American Dream,” speaks about
what Americans have fallen into through their obsession with
materialism. The band demonstrates their discontent with society’s
greediness with lyrics that ring out, “The ambition for success
wrecks us. When were fighting for the Beamer and the Lexus. And
people signing red, white, blue and green. This ‘aint my American

The songs trigger listeners’ thoughts to challenge the culture
they know.

Switchfoot’s album has extra sharp-witted lyrics than the usual
pop album. The 12 ultra modern and unique songs challenge the
listener to reevaluate their values, morals and life style.

“The songs sound great and they really make you think,” said
Danielle Diaz, third-year engineering student.

The album is thought provoking lyrically and musically and
louder than ever.

Switchfoot fans can also have a little fun with the album cover
because Switchfoot wants people to color in the album artwork and
submit it on their Web site to vote on the best coloring job.

Switchfoot has been on the alternative/pop musical scene since
1996 when Jonathan Foreman and his brother Tim created the band
along with fellow surfer friend Chad Butler. The band attributes
the name “Switchfoot” to a surfing term that means to shift foot
position on the board facing the opposite direction, since the
bands home base is in San Diego.

Switchfoot kicks off their American tour with Copeland, on Feb.
13 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. In an effort to get closer to
their fans the venues will be more intimate and informal.

Jenny Johnson can be reached at arts@thepolypost.com or by phone
at (909) 869-3744.

Switchfoot Returns

Switchfoot Returns

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