Security Weapons Becoming Popular Trend

By Greg Amparan

Crime awareness and protection has always been a hot topic, but
it is now becoming a new marketing tool as many people are looking
into purchasing personal security devices as an added protective
measure for safety.

Companies have developed new lines of fashionable personal
security weapons designed especially for women.

Recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Taser
Electronics released its newest product, a hot pink taser called
the Chick Taser. It shoots out two metal darts attached to 15 feet
of wire and delivers 15 thousand volts of electricity.

Pepper spray, butterfly knives, stun guns, tasers-devices once
used only by professionals, are now being purchased by anybody who
feels the need for a little added security.

“I’ve never actually had to use my stun gun on anyone,” said
second-year graphic arts student Katie Martinez. “But I was
curious, so I let my friend shock himself and it was pretty bad. I
didn’t even have it set that high and he said his whole left side
went numb.”

Since 1994, violent crime rates have declined, reaching the
lowest level ever recorded in 2005, according to the U.S.
Department of Justice. Yet, the percentage of personal security
weapons purchased over the last couple of years has nearly

It could be due to the fact that these weapons have become
easily accessible, or simply because they have become a party tool
or fashion accessory.

If carrying around a taser is too heavy of artillery, pepper
spray is a smaller, lighter alternative. And now there is a product
known as Lipstick Pepper Spray, an incapacitating spray contained
inside a common looking lipstick container. Each lipstick contains
five one-second bursts and sprays up to six feet. It’s a convenient
and subtle way to carry self-defense spray and it comes in five

“I know I’m not that strong and wouldn’t do well in any sort of
physical confrontation,” said fourth-year biology student Carlie
Orozco. “I carry pepper spray because it’s good to have if I ever
need to use it. I’ll spray the attacker in the face and run like

Of course there are still many people who choose not to depend
on personal security weapons for self-defense, and would rather
choose more traditional options.

“The only security weapons I ever carry are my fists-my fists of
fury,” said third-year music student Chris Shearer.

Greg Amparan can be reached by e-mail at or
by phone at (909) 869-3747.

Security Weapons Becoming Popular Trend

Security Weapons Becoming Popular Trend

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