Students Go Around the World in Three Days

By Jenny Johnson

Cal Poly’s international students paraded down from Building 1
into the quad Tuesday, Nov. 14, during university hour for
International Education Week.

Students from Malaysia, China, Germany, France, Italy, the
Middle East, India, Guatemala, Russia, Japan, Brussels, Pakistan,
Africa and Taiwan all joined together holding hands in a circle to
illustrate the theme of the week, “One World.”

Flags from all over the world, such as China, Malaysia and the
United States were being held by students inside the circle to
demonstrate unity within the countries.

“I think that this event is great because it acknowledges the
people from around the world,” said Mai Tran, a fifth-year
multimedia student from China.

The Director of the International Student Center, Faiza Shereen,
welcomed students both internationally and from America, to enjoy
and take part in the week’s activities.

“This week is to provide students the opportunity to appreciate
and learn from each other and to realize that we all have
commonalities no matter where we are from.” said Shereen.

Seven years ago, the United States Board of Education
established International Education Week to help encourage
international tolerance in schools and to further celebrate the
benefits of international education, said Shereen.

International Education week helps students study and learn from
different cultures, as well as recognize the value of having
relationships with people from all over the world. The theme “One
World” was created to recognize the international student body that
Cal Poly exhibits.

The goal of the week was to incorporate international students
into the student body rather than having them isolated. Those
involved feel it is a time to urge international students to become
part of the community and to integrate them in to the Cal Poly
student population.

In the opening events there was a drawing for an iPod and a
television. The winners were Ken Lee and Rohan Jane, both
international students.

The students from the International Center had a tremendous role
in creating and helping with the international education week. The
students put a lot of energy and time into coordinating the
activities that happened for the week.

“I feel good about the international education week because when
all the countries are together it is a great feeling,” said Gillian
Ziba, a third-year marketing student from Malawi, Africa. “It
almost seems like it is one country and the unity is awesome.”

After the opening ceremonies, all the international students
stuck around to interact with one another. The international
students saw the opening ceremonies as a way to catch up with their
friends and to celebrate their friendship.

“It is cool to have a event like this, it’s a great time to
catch up with friends and start new ones,” said Alec Moskalev, a
fifth-year electronic business student from Russia.

Even American students were taking part in getting to know their
fellow international students. Students were busy getting to know
each other and meeting international students.

“I’m digging the international education week because I did not
know how many international students were here,” said Adam Eynon, a
third-year communications student. “It makes the school more
diverse and prestigious in my eyes.”

Jenny Johnson can be reached by e-mail at
or by phone at (909) 869-3747.

Students Go Around the World in Three Days

Students Go Around the World in Three Days

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