Fitness Center Helps to Raise Students’ Health Awareness

By Ashley Schofield

The Bronco Student Fitness Center bench press competition,
stirred up some commotion on the weight floor last Thursday. For
the last three years, the gym has hosted this event for men and
women to compete in lifting the most for your body ratio and a
second competition to test total weight. The prize for the winners
was one free month to the gym, a certificate for being the
strongest person at Cal Poly, and displayed recognition at the gym.
Janae Reed was able to lift 130 pounds, and Lisa Robbins, a
third-year kinesiology student, won the body ratio lifting 89
percent of her body weight. Carl Cassell lifted 375 pounds, while
fourth-year student Tom Albrecht lifted a record 174 percent of his
body weight. Close to 30 people participated in the challenge to do
a full bench press, which requires pressing all the way down to the
chest and back up to locked arms. The arena consisted of a warm-up
bench and the bench used for the actual competition. “It is hard
work, but I work out five days a week being dedicated to becoming a
successful trainer,” said body ratio winner Albrecht. Body ratio
champion Robbins wanted to inform other women that working out did
not necessarily mean becoming larger. “(I have) passion and
enthusiasm for overall health and fitness. I believe women are
misconceived by the notion that weight lifting ‘bulks’ women up,
but I hope to spark a new light that proves training that can
produce a sleek, sexy body fostered by developing a healthy diet,”
said Robbins. The gym attempts to make students more knowledgeable
about healthy lifestyles, which many college kids abandon due to
their hectic schedules. Students are encouraged to interact and be
involved to foster a better gym community through these activities.
Kelley Littmann, a third-year landscape architecture student and
employee at the gym, represented the close community the gym
fosters by participating in the competition. “Lisa’s a tough little
cookie; I can do better, but today I could only bench seventy-five
pounds because I am sore from a previous workout,” said Littmann.
No matter what shape, people were invited to walk right in, no
reservation necessary, and join in the weightlifting festivities.
“I have only been working out for a month, and I plan to work
slowly to build up muscle and become more in shape,” said Mike
Pellosa, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student. Gym member
Austin Downing, a first-year history student, stated that he loves
being a certified trainer and helping other people. He enjoys the
gym’s friendly atmosphere where everyone pushes each other to
continually improve themselves. “Promoting the gym is so fun.
Working on improving your capabilities is so rewarding, girls and
guys are equally advantaged in weight training. Girls have
surprisingly excellent lower body strength, which sometimes can
even beat me out,” Ryan McMurry, a fifth-year marketing student.
Ashley Schofield can be reached by e-mail at
or by phone at (909) 869-3744.

Fitness Center Helps to Raise Students

Fitness Center Helps to Raise Students’ Health Awareness

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