Mediocre album fails to save Del Rey’s reputation

By Tiana Teague

Lana Del Rey, a 25-year-old up and coming artist is not as great
as what her No. 1 ratings in 11 countries tell listeners.

Though the cover art is simple, it easily grabs viewers’
attention because of her exotic look, the album that lies behind
does not go past the line of mediocrity.

Del Rey’s second album “Born to Die,” dropped in the U.K. on
Jan. 30 and in the U.S. on Jan. 31. The album features 12 tracks
and three bonus tracks on the special edition CD. She was involved
with writing each of the songs on her album, which shows fans

how scattered-brained she truly is.

After a terrible performance on Saturday Night Live, Del Rey
caught a lot of heat as she tried to show the world who she was.
Her slow, deep voice is different than anything else that is hot in
the music industry, but her unique vibe has not managed to


The general sound of her music is merely the same in every song
of the album, making it repetitively boring. Del Rey’s
leisure-like, jazzy voice often sounds as if she is not really
singing. It actually sounds as if she is talking out the lyrics

with a nice, calming sound to distract the listener.

Because her songs are sluggish and drowned by music that will
easily have someone bundled up and snoring, the lyrics are expected
to be phenomenal, but they fall short. The lyrics Del Rey uses to
connect the listeners to her music are random.

Her single, “Born to Die,” is one of the very few songs that was
clear and easy for all listeners to connect to. Her exotic music
video for this song also helped fans grasp her point that everyone
on this earth is “born to die.”

The rest of the songs have catchy titles and generally seem to
be reflections of her past, like most beginning artists. Her album
would have been better, though, if the overall message was actually
clear. Del Rey could have made this possible if she had a

solid theme for her album.

The tracks that might be worth a second listen include “This is
What Makes Us Girls,” “Radio,” “Lolita” and “Diet Mountain Dew.”
These are the only songs that save the album from being a complete

Although the tranquil tracks of the album are pleasant, they are
monotonous. Without these other four tracks, Del Rey would have
been at a loss because the rest of the songs want to make you turn
off the album after 20 seconds.

Del Rey was clearly more passionate and involved as she sang
“Video Games,” because she dared to raise the sound of her voice
and come out of her comfort zone.

This new artist has a lot to work on in order to continue to
make the charts. Although her album was barely passable, she may
have some potential.

This love-her-or-hate-her artist with her distinctive look and a
mix between Adele, Ke$ha and a “gansta Nancy Sinatra” may be
someone to look out for…in the future.

Rating: 2/5

Album Review

Album Review

Lana Del Reys new Album Born To Die

Courtesy Interscope Records

Lana Del Reys new Album Born To Die

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