Talent can be found all over our campus. A unique source of musical talent can be found in the form of a pop band named Minimall.

Sonia Ohan, a fourth-year music industries student, is a member of the band that was formed in 2015.

Sonia plays the bass guitar and is a vocalist. The other members of the band include Brennan Doyle, drum and vocals; Merced Stratton, keyboard and lead vocals; Wynne Males, rhythm guitar and vocals; and Allegra Rosenberg, lead guitar and vocals.

“A lot of us liked similar music,” said Ohan while reflecting on the band’s origins. Four of the band members were members of choir in high school. “Allegra lived in Illinois, but when she moved here we decided to all form the band together.”

Clockwise from left: Merced Stratton on keyboard and lead vocals, Sonia Ohan on bass guitar, Brennan Doyle on
drums, Wynne Males on rhythm guitar and Allegra Rosenberg on lead guitar. (Courtesy of Minimall)

The band describes its style as indie pop. “We have a choral influence, and we have a lot of harmonies. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.”

Minimall is looking forward to recording a new album, which will be happening very soon. They also aspire to tour during the summer. “We just want to keep making awesome music and see where that takes us.”

Ohan cites many iconic artists when thinking about her musical inspirations.

“I grew up listening to Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor. Over the years my taste has expanded and now I really love Hop Along, which doesn’t actually sound like our music at all, but it has definitely influenced the way I think about music. The band really loves and takes inspiration from Tally Hall and Julia Nunes.”

Ohan states that almost everyone in the band is a songwriter.

“Doyle does not write music but is a talented musical arranger who makes a lot of the final decisions and is a big part of the creative process.”

She then goes on to explain their writing process and how they go about creating their music.

“We’ll write separately then bring in our ideas together. We’ll give a vague outline of what we we’re thinking the song should sound like, and the rest of the band will write some of their own parts. It’s all very democratic.”

Their recent EP “HUH!” was released in July 2017. The songs on the EP include “My Full Moon,” “Static,” “Drunken Stars,” “Don’t Tell Me” and “Pyrrhic Victory.”

Minimall has a music video released for the song “Static.” Ohan describes the creative process of making the video.

“Allegra’s has friends in the USC film department, who make movies and TV shows. She reached out about making a music video and a lot of talented people helped out. They brought props they thought were cool.”

“Our aesthetic is very colorful and fun and that was carried over to the music video. It was a really fun experience. I was even able to wear my high school prom dress in the video.”

Out of all the songs Minimall has released, Ohan finds that “Static” best defines them as a band.

“It gives a good introduction to who we are. It’s very upbeat and colorful, but the lyrics are not necessarily happy. It has an overarching idea and has introspective harmonies.

Download the EP “HUH!” at minimall.bandcamp.com to listen to Minimall’s music.

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