As the screen lit up with the words “ready, set, go,” students’ thumbs began to rapidly press buttons on their controllers while their eyes roamed across the screen.

Students gathered in the Knowledge Center to show off their gaming skills for Welcome Week.

The tournament started with four vs. four rounds to determine finalists to compete in the final one vs. one round. (Ashley Rowles | The Poly Post)

The Mario Kart Tournament was held in the library on the second floor from Monday, Sept. 10 to Friday, Sept. 14.

The Mario Kart Tournament gave students a chance to de-stress and have fun competing with other students while playing an adrenaline-inducing game.

The tournament gave the students a chance to compete for the grand prize.

The grand prize was an In-N-Out gift card, which was given to the winner of the tournament each day it was held.

The prizes came from the event’s sponsors: Vizmedia (an anime and manga company), Cal Poly Pomona Foundation and Funimation.

Kris Zoleta, a volunteer for the Friends of the Library Organizing Group and the event organizer, said the Mario Kart Tournament and Welcome Week are not only for students to relax and have fun, but they are also a way to bring students together as a community.

According to Zoleta, last year, the Wii U was used to play the game, but now the new Nintendo Switch is used for the game.

Anyone is welcome to play the game, whether they are amateurs, or they play video games every day.

Melissa Marti, a Cal Poly Pomona student said, “The game is fun and not very competitive and the people you play with make it a better experience. After the first couple of tries, I did not do great, but I had a drive to do better.”

All the tournaments included a four vs. four to determine the finalists and a one vs. one for the final round to determine who was the winner for the day.

“It is fun and a good stress reliever to be able to compete in a casual setting,” CPP student James Dale said. “They still used the same courses from last year which made it predictable, but it was still fun to play.”

Even though winners were selected from each of the rounds, the players who lost still had the chance to play among other students for fun.

“An event like this usually takes 12 to 13 people working behind the scenes to put together,” Zoleta said.

When the tournament started, there were only four students who stepped into the Knowledge Center to play the game.

More students started to join as they were walking by and watching others play the game.

While more students came to join in on the fun, Zoleta hopes more students will participate in the tournament and events in the future.

“We put events like this together for Welcome Week because we want students to enjoy their time at the library and learn about the different resources and services that are offered here at the library,” Zoleta said.

For more information on events held at the University Library, visit the website or contact them at

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