Creativity comes easy when you grow up surrounded by family that pushes you to pursue your artistic endeavors.

Fifth-year student Alexia Andrade credits her choice to study graphic design to her family.

“I come from a low income family. My mom was a waitress and my dad is a mechanic and art was a way for us all to escape from any situation we may be in,” Andrade said.

Her parents did not receive a college education. Her brother Jorge graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in graphic design and Andrade hopes to do the same next year.

In middle school, Andrade took fine arts classes such as ceramics, paintings, gouache and pastels but nothing digital.

In high school, she took an ROP class for visual marketing.

Her brother introduced her to digital graphics and taught her how to use Adobe software.

She said he pushed her to pursue graphic design.

“He’s been so supportive and wonderful. He was a very good student here,” Andrade said. “When I Cal Poly, I didn’t want my professors to know that I was his sister.”

But Andrade works hard to make a name for herself.

She currently works at Associated Students Inc. for Marketing, Design and Public Relations and created the logo for the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Council.

Her work for ASI gives her the opportunity to live by the CPP motto, “Learn by Doing,” by doing hands on work for organizations on campus.

“I’m able to produce better quality work for when I enter the job market after I graduate by making mistakes here and fixing them,” Andrade said.

She said her professors are the best at putting her into new situations and providing their students with a strong membership.

Andrade puts her best into all of her work.

She says the toughest part of graphic design is taking a sketch and making it realistic on her laptop.

Andrade says she can shut herself up sometimes when she becomes invested into a project. Projects are assigned quickly and she needs to always be on her toes.

“There’s always positive payback,” she said. “For every project I learn something new about myself and I’m happiest when I’m learning something new.”

Her dream job would be do continue doing what she loves.

Some of Andrade’s work can be found on her Instagram account @lexiaandradee.

Untitled 2

“Untitled 2 “ is inspired by Andrade’s love of Joshua Tree at night. (Courtesy of Alexia Andrade)

For a project in her digital illustration class, Andrade was given freedom to create her own type of style and create something that she normally would not.

She took her love for night scenery from Joshua Tree to create this piece.

She also loves alligators and was happy to include them in her piece when the assignment required the inclusion of wildlife.

Andrade says that if you have not visited Joshua Tree yet, you definitely should.


Andrade’s abstract photography piece “Food.” (Courtesy of Alexia Andrade)

Andrade enjoys photography. In her class, she took a picture of eggs and toast.

She wanted it to be very abstract and covered the egg white in glitter and spray painted the bread.

Her goal was to make it look weird and invoke curiosity.

Package Design

Andrade created the company BOHDI for her graphic design III class.

She created informative posters and a gift box for the project which included a notebook, cards and pins with the logo she created.

Her posters were on the pros and cons of cannabis and her package was made to enlighten those who potentially receive it about the company.

As real as the box looks, the company is fake. It’s all from the creative mind of Andrade.

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