If you have a soft spot for ‘70s rock and having a cold beer we have a band for you.

The Dysfunctional Caravan is made up of members Megan Fero, lead vocalist; Cory Reed, lead guitarist and vocalist; Charlie Hald, bass guitarist; and John Serrato, drummer.

Hald describes the band’s genre as classic rock mixed with modern alternative rock.

“We’re primarily inspired by a band called Thin Lizzy,” said Hald, a music industry studies student at Cal Poly Pomona who is graduating next spring.

Thin Lizzy is an Irish hard rock band from the 1970s.

“But each one of us all have our own specific bands we love and get inspired from.

We bring our own flavors and it gives our sound a different feel from a variety of inspirations.”

Fero, Reed and Serrato knew each other in high school, long before Hald met any of them.

The three had all been a part of separate metal bands, and had experience performing.

They then came together and switched genres to rock.

They wrote songs and performed together before Hald finally joined the band in 2013.

The Dysfunctional Caravan guitarist Cory Reed wailing on the mic. (Courtesy of Chris Hald)

Hald met Fero, Reed and Serrato through a mutual friend.

He auditioned for the bass player position and has been an important part of the band ever since.

Since Hald joined the band, they feel their sound is now solidified.

According to Hald, each of their songs starts out with a basic idea.

“One of us will have a concept of lyrics or chord progression and we will go from there. We’ll sit together and jam it out.”

“Cory usually writes most of the songs. If he has the song structure thought out we’ll add in some ideas of a bass line or drum build.

After a song is written we play it and hone it into our own styles as we feel the song out.”

However, The Dysfunctional Caravan does not limit itself to just one type of sound.

“We have our harder and faster songs but we also have our smoother and more funky songs. Those are usually more laid back and softer melodies.”

The band released an EP called “Tough Sell” on January 4, 2016. The EP consists of five songs including “Certain Kind of Fool,” “In the Wake,” “L.O.V.E.,” “Casualties” and “Rome is Burning.”

“We had finally released it because we just wanted something out there that people could listen to, because before that all we had online were live videos of performances.”

According to Hald, the song that best exemplifies the band’s sound the best is “L.O.V.E.”

“L.O.V.E.” is a song that really shows what kind of music we make,” said Hald. “That is one of our more fun songs, and it’s definitely fun to play it live. We’ve never had a gig where we didn’t play it, because we enjoy playing that one so much.”

Although The Dysfunctional Caravan primarily performs in bars and breweries, they made time to play a show during Game Night in the Games Room.

They have performed throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Fullerton and Ontario.

The Dysfunctional Caravan performing live. (Courtesy of Chris Hald)

The band wants to keep making music and ultimately write and release a full album.

“We want to keep playing at different gigs,” said Hald. “It’s hard because people in the band are busy with work and with school and we’re doing our best to be focused on getting some really frequent shows.”

What primarily drives Hald’s passion for the band is his love of performing live.

“There’s nothing better than actually jamming together on stage.”

You can listen to The Dysfunctional Caravan’s EP “Tough Sell” on YouTube.

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