Often times creepy things like ghouls and horned beasts give artists inspiration for their works, and this is no exception.

Chris Pomar, a transferring graphic design student at Cal Poly Pomona, is creative in his spare time as well as in his classes.

His art pieces are usually fantasy based, which allows him to explore a creative side to his art that reality would limit him from.

“I’m very inspired by nature and incorporate that in my art,” said Pomar. “I’m also inspired by stories from my childhood, so I take elements from that. My art has some monsters and creatures in them.”

Fantasy allows you to only be limited by your own imagination, and his creatures in his drawings reflect that.

“I like to combine the dark and scary elements with the bright colors and flowers in my art,” said Pomar. “I think it’s a good juxtaposition of happy and creepy.”

Pomar has been interested in art from a very young age, so it isn’t surprising that he has chosen graphic design as his major.

“I’ve been into art since I was a little kid, back when I was drawing with crayons on napkins because that was all that was in front of me,” said Pomar. “I’ve probably been drawing since I was younger than five.”

Pomar says that he is open to all different ways of making art.

“I like to experiment with different mediums,” said Pomar, “My art is primarily drawing, sketching something and then going about painting it.”

“I always have a sketch book with me wherever I go,” said Pomar. “I doodle aimlessly in it when I feel inspired. I have no specific direction. I just look at something and put pen to paper.”

After sketching, Pomar will paint his work if he feels like that is where his creative direction is taking him.

One of his art pieces is a self-portrait. It is a portrait of him with horns in his head, surrounded by botanic plants and eerie eyeballs. The portrait is done in shades of bright blue and green to contrast the darker elements of the portrait.

Chris Pomar’s horror-fantasy themed self portrait. (Courtesy of Chris Pomar)

The piece was done by using the linoleum block print technique. This is when an artist cuts pieces out of a sheet of linoleum to create a particular design. Then, they use a paint roller covered in ink to roll over the linoleum sheet and onto paper, fabric or canvas.

Once they roll the ink, this imprints the design onto the paper and is a great way to incorporate bright colors with the contrast of the white paper.

Being a graphic design student, Pomar utilizes his creativity in his schoolwork as well just being a hobby.

He finds that sometimes being knowledgeable in the technicalities of graphic designs affects his art.

“I’ve noticed that graphic design comes into my artwork, more than the reverse of my art affecting my graphic design projects,” said Pomar.

“The way colors work together and the general structure of graphic design definitely bleeds into the art I’m making.”

When he thinks of his future, Pomar would ideally like drawing and painting to be a part of it in some way.

“I’m graduating this year and will definitely be making art in the future,” said Pomar. “Whether painting is my actual primary source of income or not, it will definitely be part of my life.

I love graphic design but have a passion for my drawings and paintings.

So, I would love to integrate both art and graphic design in my career.”

Regardless of career path he takes, Pomar is sure to incorporate creativity in his future.

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