By Ryan Xu

Members of the Cal Poly Pomona Smash Melee club unraveled their gaming controllers as they pulled up chairs to the familiar buzzing, cathode ray CRT televisions of the past within the school’s very own gaming room.

Around eight or so players showed up to the general meeting to blow off stress and get their gaming needs in on a Tuesday evening after midterms concluded.

Dedicated Smash Bros. Melee players practicing for upcoming tournaments. (Ryan Xu | The Poly Post)

The club was formed in 2011 under an umbrella of a general gaming club called Bronco Esports.

Over time, many small subsidiaries branched out to tighten the specific communities of several popular games such as Smash, Overwatch, League of Legends and many more.

The Smash Melee club meets every Tuesday in the gaming room with every other meeting being a tournament with prizes.

The Melee club has grown from its once humble origins.

The club was originally founded to allow players to practice their skills at the game with each other in friendly duels.

Now the club has grown into a filly-fledged community of friends who love the game.

According to one of the organizers for the club, Justin Cox, a third-year biology major, the club has grown to be a community for people who love the game.

“We usually eat and hang out together after the meeting or on the weekends,” said Cox.

One of the types of events that the club goes out for are tournaments.

“On some weekends, we carpool the members out to local tournaments and sometimes big ones,” said Cox.

On most weekends, the club meets up in Claremont for tournaments that feature players from the surrounding district.

The different colleges around the area would have friendly battles that pit the colleges’ best players against each other.

In addition to local tournaments, the club heads to big events in Los Angeles that include the best players in the country.

The club features a tournament every other Tuesday that is self-sponsored by the members themselves. Prizes have included gift cards and, the always complementary, bragging rights.

CRT TVs and Melee players lined up at the BSC. (Ryan Xu | The Poly Post)

Participating in the tournament breeds friendly competition within the club, as they have conducted their own power rankings which track each other’s wins and losses.

The Smash Melee club prides itself as a community that brings together students who love to play the game.

Cox describes it as a getaway from classes and studying that may stress college students out.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game that has captivated people’s competitive spirits since it came out in 2001.

And despite it being an old game, Melee continues to  have a strong following 17-years later, and brings stressed out students relief and joy from its unique brand of whimsical competition.

Regardless if you are an experienced player or  just a student wanting to have fun, come find out more about this highly touted game, the club and its activities during their Smashfest meetings at 5 p.m. in the games room at the Bronco Student Center in the Games Room Etc.

To find more information, visit the Bronco Esports Facebook page or the CPP Smash Melee Facebook group.

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