By looking at all of the buttons on his denim jacket, one can tell that Jesse Menbreno is really into comic books.

But what Menbreno takes away from comic books is the process and the creativity.

“I’ve always admired the bright colors used and how the artists are able to create an entire story,” Menbreno said.

Super-Beard, a hero with a really powerful beard, is a character Menbreno created himself during his time at Riverside City College.

Menbreno attended conventions such as Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con and WonderCon.

He enjoys visiting the artist tables and once visited Rob Liefeld’s table after the release of the Deadpool film.

It was during middle school that Menbreno found his passion for drawing characters.

He started with animation, studying storyboarding and figure drawing, but found an interest in graphic design and all the possibilities it provided.

After earning his Associate’s Degree in Art from RCC, Menbreno came to Cal Poly Pomona to enroll in the graphic design program.

He is grateful for all that he has learned in the last three quarters at CPP and applies everything to his artwork.

“It amazes me because you start seeing your stuff get better and better,” Menbreno said. “It comes easy because I feel like I have that creativity to think outside the box.”

Menbreno credits artist Salvador Dahli for his “out-of-the-box” thinking.

He says that although he doesn’t create the same type of art that Dahli does, he appreciates how Dahli pushed boundaries and did something that no one expected.

Menbreno uses his creative thinking to create graphics for people or small businesses.

His source of income is creating these images for T-shirts, business cards, banners and labels.

“I know that 2-D animation is a thing of the past, but it’s my realm of comfort,” Menbreno said.

Menbreno prefers to recall what an image looks like instead of copying straight from the source.

His creativity allows him to take something that he’s seen and then put it onto paper.

“Being imaginative and inventive is easier than copying it,” Menbreno said. “That way, it doesn’t frustrate you when it doesn’t end up looking like how it does in real life.”

Menbreno’s works will be displayed in the Kellogg University Art Gallery for the juried 2D/3D exhibition.

He is proud to see his works showcased in such a professional manner.

Some of Menbreno’s other works can be seen on his Instagram account @jmenbreno_graphics.

Menbreno hopes to continue with his design business and employ other talented artists.

He wants to provide a business with expertise in all types of art, a place that “does it all”.

He also thinks about teaching art to young students and helping them discover their talent.

Menbreno wants to be able to provide them with similar opportunities that he’s been given.

Art Building

Menbreno’s rendering of the CPP art building. (Courtesy of Jesse Menbreno)

This piece took Menbreno two weeks to finish. He states that the toughest part was drawing the lines in order to create the perspective the piece required.

Using pencil and eventually ink, Menbreno was able to create the image of Building 13.

He colored the rest of it using colored pencils.

“I also included the pointy building.

It’s cool because it’s going to be gone and now it’s memorialized in my art,” Menbreno said.

Robotic Hands

Menbreno’s sci-fi themed charcoal drawing. (Courtesy of Jesse Menbreno)

“I’m not tech savvy guy, but I’m a tech guy. I’ve always liked robots,” Menbreno said.

Menbreno took robots and combined it with the prompt for the piece, which was “hands.”

He says that it’s all about how we can improve ourselves.

Soft charcoal was used to create the piece for his final.

During his time enrolled in the course, Menbreno used soft charcoal for an initial piece but was not confident in outcome.

He decided to use it for this piece, which will be showcased at the campus art gallery.

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