Art has been a passion for 18-year-old Lavina Tran since she was seven.

As a child, Tran’s parents immersed her in various activities such as dance, piano and swimming.

Although Tran can still play piano, art was the only class that she enjoyed and has decided to pursue art as a career through graphic design.

“At first, they weren’t really excited because it’s hard to get a job as a graphic designer, you have to be the best of the best,” Tran said. “Now, they’re supportive, they’re just glad I’m doing something that I like.”

Tran is a first-year graphic design student at Cal Poly Pomona.

Although Tran has only been taking fine art classes, she is eager to begin transferring her creativity on a screen and incorporating technology into her art.

“It’s going be kind of hard because I’ve never really done anything on the computer before, so it’s kind of intimidating,” Tran said. “I think if I’m organized and motivated I can just bring the creativity I have in painting to online technology.”

Tran visits local museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles Museum County Museum of Art and the Hammer Museum to find new perspectives.

“I like knowing how the artist thinks and their concept when I read the little description of the art, how they started to make their art and how it came to be,” Tran said. “I start by brainstorming and thinking about all the ways I can start because I think coming up with the idea is the hardest part rather than doing it.”

Tran selected graphic design after looking through the different majors offered on campus.

She initially wanted to study interior design but chose against it because she wanted to look at art as a whole.

“I heard that the art program was good and I like how the campus is big,” Tran said. “I like the motto ‘learn by doing’ rather than just lecturing.”

Tran believes her professors follow the motto well because they are always working on new topics in class.

Art has become not only a career choice for Tran, but a mechanism of growth.

“I used to be really shy when I was growing up. I didn’t really talk to other people very much because I wasn’t confident in myself,” Tran said. “After I graduated high school I gained more confidence and I’m not afraid to speak out now and I think it’s important, especially in this major, if you want to network with people and find a job because if you don’t put yourself out there, you’re never going to succeed.”

Ultimately, Tran would like to incorporate her love for health and fitness with her passion for art by working at Lifestyle Magazine as a graphic designer.

As for now, Tran will be participating in a summer internship at Cocoweb.

Four Seasons

“Four Seasons” by Lavina Tran. (Courtesy of Lavina Tran)

Tran portrays the four seasons through the same image, but gives each its character through color.

“I always liked painting, but it was my first time using gouache paint,” Tran said. “I usually use acrylics, so just trying it out, but I really enjoyed it because I really like painting.”

Lost in Space

“Lost in Space” by Lavina Tran. (Courtesy of Lavina Tran)

A final project for Tran, a graphite and charcoal drawing that required the incorporation of two life-size hands.

The drawing features a woman whose eyes are cut from the image.

Tran was inspired by similar concepts she saw online and wanted to attempt the idea.

It took a total of 10 hours to complete.


“Perspective” by Lavina Tran. (Courtesy of Lavina Tran)

In this immaculate portrayal of the College of Business building, Tran focused on the two-point perspective on the building.

“The perspective didn’t fit with everything because it’s more contemporary,” Tran said.

Tran enjoyed working on the calligraphic lines on the ground and in the plants.

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