It is hard to deny that our campus has a vast talent pool in all aspects of art, and Camrie Lucey is no exception.

A new music video that showcases skilled singing and songwriting has brought attention to one particular emerging artist at Cal Poly Pomona.

Lucey, a third-year music student, released her music video for “Wildside” on YouTube in February.

“It’s my first original song I wrote and played for people, so it’s really special to me in that way,” Lucey said.

Camrie Lucey singing and playing guitar on the set of her music video for “Wildside.” (Courtesy of Camrie Lucey)

The music video features Lucey playing the guitar in a classic 60s era van in the desert.

She then drives to a recording studio where she performs the song with her band.

Lucey has been a part of a band for a few years now.

Her band consists of her guitarist Mike Kinney, her bassist Jeff Buckingham, and her drummer Chuck Castellanos.

Lucey wrote the lyrics to “Wildside” two years ago.

“I went to my lead guitarist and said ‘I have this idea for a song. I have the melody and the chords and I need you to help me finish it,’ and that was that,” Lucey said.

Lucey says that after having finished the song, she had decided that she really wanted to record a music video to release on YouTube alongside it.

This provided a perfect visual to the tone and melody of the song.

Camrie Lucey singing and playing guitar on the set of her music video for “Wildside.” (Courtesy of Camrie Lucey)

Lucey has performed at the annual CPP Songwriter Showcase held by the Department of Music.

Participating students included a select handful that were chosen to perform after an audition process.

This was a unique and important opportunity, as Lucey was able to refine her performing ability while having professionals give her their constructive criticism.

Although having written the song “Wildside,” Lucey admits to having a hard time writing songs unless lyrics come to her naturally.

“Sometimes lyrics will just pop up in my head randomly and I have to stop everything I’m doing to write them down,” Lucey said. “I will have to just sing what I’m hearing in my head and grab a guitar.”

Lucey explains that this is sort of what happened when she wrote the lyrics to “Wildside” two years ago.

“I just heard the chorus in my head over and over, so I immediately grabbed a notebook and wrote it all out,” Lucey said.

Lucey describes her own musical style as “Country Rock.”

With both rock and country music being two of her passions, certain artists have shaped the way she thinks about music.

Her rock influences growing up include legendary artists such as Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin.

She says she has always particularly loved rock music from the 60s and 70s.

Country music she grew up listening to include iconic artists Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.

Lucey looks back to think about where she finds her artistic inspiration.

She describes music as always having been her outlet.

Lucey believes that writing her own songs has helped her find a way to express herself.

Looking toward the future, Lucey says that she would love to be a recognized musician. Her passion for music is what she claims defines her.

Being a music student at CPP, she has studied music and fine-tuned her talents to become the musician she hopes to be.

However, Lucey is also very passionate about possibly opening up a music school for both kids and adults.

She describes her own experiences at a music school where she learned to perfect her skills, while the music teacher placed students in a band.

She believes that this method helped her with her music and wants to create her own school with the same learning techniques.

Make sure to watch Lucey’s “Wildside” music video on YouTube.

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