Pokémon fans created terrariums together in the library on Wednesday.

Students were invited to the Knowledge Center in the Library on April 11, to participate in the Pokémon Terrarium workshop.

The event was hosted by The Library Club, where Pokémon fans gathered around excitedly to build their very own terrariums.

“The Library Club helps the Cal Poly library run their events,” said Larissa Shen, president of The Library Club. “We usually host a lot of fun library workshops for students and other resource meetings for the library.”

A Pikachu napping in its student made Pokémon terrarium. (Christina Berberian | The Poly Post)

The Library Club provided all the craft tools necessary to create the terrariums.

The craft supplies included Pokémon figurines, fake moss, plastic mushrooms, glue, as well as Pokeballs to serve as the containers for the terrariums.

This workshop in particular allowed students to visualize what their favorite Pokémon look like in their habitats.

Students cut up pieces of fake grass and placed them in their Pokeballs, creating unique environments for their figurines.

After choosing their favorite Pokémon, students began to glue the figurines inside the terrarium.

They then went along to add mushrooms and moss to craft and decorate their habitat.

Students in action, molding their own Pokémon terrariums at the library. (Christina Berberian | The Poly Post)

Shen went on to say that the Pokémon Terrarium Workshop is one event out of many to celebrate National Library Week at CPP.

National Library Week this year took place from April 9-13.

One series of events hosted throughout the entire week was a Mario Kart Tournament.

Where daily winners were chosen each day as video gamers showed off their skill while playing against their friends.

Other events hosted this week include a Tour of the Library on Monday, April 9.

On Tuesday, April 10, there was a Book Binding Workshop, a Chicanx Speaker event and a used book sale.

Along with that there was also a button making event and a Hagen-Renaker Inc. figurine sale.

On Friday, April 13, the club ended the week with another button making event, along with the last of the Mario Kart Tournaments.

The National Library Week events turned out to be a success.

The Library Club aims to provide our student body with interesting events every year.

“Our club is the connection between the students and the library staff on campus, said Lisa Cheung, vice president and treasurer of The Library Club. “We hear what students want and help implement it.”

This is important because of the fact that the library is an instrumental tool for CPP students to learn and succeed in their academic careers.

Communicating and working in conjunction with the library staff is an excellent way to make sure the student’s voices are being heard in what goes on in all aspects of the campus.

“The Library Club sponsors a lot of great events with the outreach community at Cal Poly,” said Linda Franklin, statistic specialist at CPP. “They also participate in the events and workshops that they host for the rest of the students.”

This is definitely true as Shen and Cheung both helped direct the Broncos in building their very own terrariums, while passing out supplies and encouraging Pokémon discussion.

As important as research seminars and tutoring workshops are for students, fun activities such as this one is just as highly anticipated.

Making crafts themed around your favorite franchise with your friends who share the same interest is a great way to pass the time on a Wednesday afternoon.

The terrariums are going to be great homemade keepsake for any Pokémon fan.

The Library Club believes that a key to student success is to feel at home and relaxed on campus.

They constantly aim to put on events which stimulate students in a more lighthearted, relaxed way to in order to achieve this goal.

In the have and continue to host fun events for students, so if you hear about a creative arts and crafts event on campus, chances are high that the Library Club is running said event.

So if you ever find yourself overwhelmed with stress, and just want to take your anxiety out on some creative fun, check them out.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their next events on the campus master calendar.

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