Have any interest in being on the air? Looking to gain more listeners for your podcast? Or are you hoping to learn the workings of online radio?

Cal Poly Pomona’s online radio station, Radioactive, wants to let you know that they can help you out.

“Radioactive is hosted by students and faculty, and the music we play ranges from rock to alternative to hip-hop,” said fifth-year graphic design student and Radioactive president, Idris Murrell.

Radioactive is a club that meets in Building 1 in room 210 during U-hour. The club consists of around 15 members this quarter and it’s still looking to expand those numbers.

If you are the timid type, broadcasting is perfect to help break out of your shell.

“If students are nervous about it, I want to let them know that nobody has to know it’s you. You’re behind a microphone,” said Murrell.

Radioactive members from left to right: Idris Murrell, Jake Reyes and Federico Felix. (Brian Sease | The Poly Post)

The club does want to let those interested know that “school rules apply.” But that doesn’t stop the club from putting on a show every week, Monday through Friday.

The station also started up new shows this year and it features local talent around the Pomona area, which media director Claire Kim works hard to obtain.

Radioactive also gives away tickets to concert at venues in the area including The Glass House, the Fox Performing Arts Center and The Observatory in Orange County. Previous concerts tickets included those to Countdown New Year’s Eve, Rolling Loud and Tropicália.

The giveaways are announced during shows and the schedule for shows can be found at cppradioactive.com which will take you to its page on spreaker.com.

The club also organizes house shows at the end of every quarter. The house shows often feature local up and coming bands in the immediate vecinity.

Joining Radioactive is sure fire way to make friends on campus. Besides that you can learn all about new music and radio show genres following their diverse content. So make sure to check out the website and keep updated on the show for this spring.

Radioactive also is up for taking requests if you are unable to make its meetings. You can contact the club at csupomonaradio@gmail.com with questions about the club or even suggestions of what you’d like to listen to.

Follow CPP’s online radio station on multiple social media sites @cppradioactive.

If you find a station you enjoy and an episode you want to listen to over and over again, they’re available for download at spreaker.com.

These are four of the newest shows being broadcasted by the folks over at Radioactive.


A show by Spicy Steph, Obscuritiez features music not often heard on other stations, making it a good show for those interested in new and different music.

So if you have an affinity for the weird underground stuff you will not hear on the radio you should give Obscuritiez a shot.

‘Genre Chasm’

A show by Jonah, Genre Chasm shares a slew of different music varieties and there are many episodes for students to listen to while they are hanging out or doing homework, ready to stream or download.

‘Water for Tea’

Hosted by Grace, Water for Tea promises neo-soul, hip hop and R&B to its listeners.


Hosted by NeonGhost, Awkward started up last year provides episodes for different types of situations students may be dealing with.

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