In coming months, patrons of Innovation Brew Works can expect a series of news beers that are well worth a trip over to this on-campus taproom.

“Our goal is to release two new beers every month,” said Eric Basse, the Operations Brew Manager at Brew Works.

Having such high output can seem like difficult task, but Brew Works has yet to back down from its promises.

Delightful meals can always be elevated with a delicious beer, and Brews Works has an abundance of both. With new beers being poured out steadily, whether guests are novices or experts, they can enjoy a wide variety of beer and food pairings.

Ryan Hickey and Operations Brew Manager, Eric Basse, discuss the food and beer pairing. (Fredy Ramirez | The Poly Post)

Brew Works often uses Cal Poly Pomona’s history or landmarks to name its beers, and the two latest beers, a sour ale and Scottish ale, follow a similar path.

The newest beer, irrelevant to its taste and only similar in its name, “Turtle Pond,” originates from the pond outside of university housing’s La Cienega Center. This golden opaque beer delivers the perfect amount of hops and sourness. This beer is worth trying for anybody who loves, or is curious about, sour beers.

The Scottish ale named “Kellogg’s Kilt” was released earlier this month. Its sweet overtones consist of malty flavors, a hint of caramel and just enough hops to balance it. It’s categorized as a light ale which has a pale copper to brownish color. It’s also available on tap with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide which accentuates the sweet creamy flavor of the beer.

With a relatively low international bitterness unit or IBU, which gauges the bitterness of the beer, this easy to drink beer pairs well with the pastrami sandwich sold at Brew Works. The cured pastrami coupled with herb and spice mix intermingles well with the malty flavor, and the mustard’s tanginess is effortlessly cleansed with help from the beer’s rich taste and mouth feel.

“We’re in such a big demand it’s difficult to keep up with our most favorite beers while creating new ones,” said Isaiah Soto, a Brew Works employee and brewer.

Local favorites include “Storey’s Stout” and “Luther Holt IPA,” which are both named to honor individuals who are important to the history of the Pomona area.

The stout is a soft ale containing prominent coffee and dark chocolate flavors; it’s named after G. Paul Storey who was key in persuading CPP to allow for the creation of Brew Works. While the IPA is semi-sweet with piney notes, it was named after Luther M. Holt who had a crucial role in founding Pomona and other Inland Empire cities.

Many Southern California breweries are developing scrumptious artisanal lagers, and Brew Works isn’t excluded from this growing trend. Their American rye lager, “Rye or Die” is a growing favorite. With more than enough bitter hops oozing through this lager, it’s in stark contrast from most boring beers filling fraternity fridges.

Brew Works offers brew tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. where tour guides usually inform guests of the brewing process while showing off the expensive merchandise that comes with brewing on a microbrewery scale. The Brew Works kettle is able to produce 4.5 barrels which is 140 gallons of wort in one batch. From there the wort is transferred into fermentation tanks, which stay there for several weeks eventually turning into beer. After that it is carried into carbonation tanks where the product obtains the perfect amount of CO2 or nitrogen.

After the tour, guests are presented a flight of beer and pint glass to take home. Though this service is not previewed on their website, buyers can find a fantastic deal on Groupon which saves you more than half the price it usually costs. For anybody interested in the brewing this is a must see.

For the next few months guests can expect some great beers coming from Brew Works. Two confirmed beers that’ll make it to the taproom in the not so distant future are a new IPA named “Event Horizon,” and a Mexican style lager for Cinco de Mayo.

If you haven’t been to Brew Works yet, it holds all the traditional aspects of any brewery. On average beers cost from $6 to $7, while flights are $10. They host weekly bingo and pub trivia nights for all guests where prizes range from free pizza vouchers to $25 gift cards.

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