Universal Studios all-new college Thursdays Terror Pass

By Eviana Vergara

Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” is back with new mazes that bring life to everyone’s favorite horror films with student discounts.

With midterms right around the corner, it’s important to get in some time to relax and get a few scares in before Halloween.

The event began on September 15 and will continue through select days until Nov. 4.

Guests get to experience haunted mazes, a tour guide hosted by Chucky and a special performance by America’s Best Dance Crew 2008 winners the Jabbawockeez.

Upon entering the amusement park, one can notice that the place known for its movie magic has transformed into a dark and mysterious playground for the easily frightened.

The entrance is surround by smoke and faint sounds of an automated chainsaw followed by high-pitched shrieks from frightened guests.

This park has attracted people from near and far as one guest traveled from Arizona to see what the fuss was all about.

“It’s my first time here, but I’ve heard great things about all the haunted mazes,” said Jorge Ortega, a Phoenix native.

Students from Cal Poly Pomona also attended to take advantage of the special events that occur in the dark hours of the night.

Senior industrial engineering student Ramisa Chowdhury, along with a few friends, was one of the many people looking for a good time.

“They have the best bang-for-your-buck experience and scare,” said Chowdhury.

One of her favorite mazes included “The Shining” because of its faithfulness to the film.

“It was surreal seeing parts of the movie coming to life,” said Chowdhury.

Guests got to relive movies, as they walked through the mazes. Many were heard shouting, “I remember this part,” as some parts reminded them of the infamous scenes from “The Shining.”

This year, they’ve added some new mazes based on movies and television series including “American Horror Story,” “Saw: The Games of Jigsaw” and “Insidious: Beyond the Further.”

Each was more terrorizing than the last.

Some brave souls went solo, while others used their significant others as a shield from whatever was hiding within the shadows.

There were wait times as long as 90 minutes for the “Saw” maze.

Each maze was crowded, which made it a difficult decision for guests to choose which one to pick.

Universal Studios paid close attention to detail and gave everyone a real insight into their favorite movies.

The back lot tours also took an interesting turn.

As one might expect, the tram would escort guests around the back and showcase the fight scene with King Kong, but the tour gets hijacked by none other than Chucky, the possessed doll that never seems to die.

The Titans of Terror included a mashup of old movie favorites like “Friday the 13th,” “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Guests also lined up for a photo-op with Norman from “Bates Motel.”

As they walked further down the trail, people were walking along the airplane ruins from “War of Worlds” with a few twists as they added dead bodies and ambulances.

With caution, people watched for Freddys disguised as pilots, construction workers and other officials. No one was safe during this trail.

With all the jump scares and detailed scenes, guests felt the realness of each maze along with all the special effects.

The music only added suspense as the actors strategically popped out from their hiding places, which caused more fear among the terrorized guests.

Each maze stayed faithful to the theme and included main scenes and characters within its storyline.

Although many attractions will be closed during Horror Nights, a few down in the lower lot will stay open, including “The Mummy,” “Jurassic Park” and “Transformers.”

Universal Studios is offering its “Halloween Horror Nights” at a special discounted price for college students where they can purchase them at www.ushtix.com/collegediscounts.

They’ve also added the all-new college Thursdays Terror Pass, which allows anyone with an edu email address unlimited access to the event every Thursday night for one admission price.

Universal Studios attracts people from near and far

Universal Studios attracts people from near and far

Guests were able to relive some of their favorite movies

Courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

Guests were able to relive some of their favorite movies

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