Pokemon GO creates friendships around campus

By Brent Spivey

For the past month, the Pokemon legend, Entei has taken over Cal Poly Pomona via the mobile app Pokemon GO. The game has captivated the hearts of many Broncos that have gathered together at specific locations around campus.

Pokemon GO fans have been seen in groups near the engineering building, the Bronco Village and in front of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences building.

Trainers of all tenure relay messages from Facebook and Discrod to coordinate team objectives to populate and raid battles to beat the strong and rare Raid Pokemon.

The mobile game begins at a particular time and location, but the game makes it easy to identify where legends are generated.

The hunt for legendary Pokemon has trainers, staff and students all on a journey to complete the Pokedex.

Cindy Peters, a senior communications specialist at CPP, enjoys answering the calls to go capture the legendary Pokemon because she gets to go out and meet interesting people around campus.

“Playing the game is a great way to get some exercise and meet people in the community,” said Peters, who continues to play even without her son.

Pokemon GO has united trainers from all around the world, including Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Special event Pikachu, shiny Magikarp, Johto-dex and rotating legendary Pokemon have revived a seemingly dead mobile game.

Michael Ngo, a fourth-year biology student, has a 100 percent perfect individual value, with 31 legendary Pokemon in his stock. That is nearly impossible to achieve.

Special EX-Raid passes are issued at Starbucks and gym locations to random trainers who participate in specific raid battles.

Here are some tips provided by successful Pokemon GO trainers:

Pokemon continues to be an inspiration for the CPP community, as many embark on their own adventure to network and develop friendships around campus.

Pokemon GO has captivated the hearts of many Broncos

Courtesy of Pexels

Pokemon GO has captivated the hearts of many Broncos

Fans of the game have been seen in groups all over campus

Brent Spivey / The Poly Post

Fans of the game have been seen in groups all over campus

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