Dia de La Raza celebrates Hispanic diversity

By Paula Fuentes

The Cesar E. Chavez for Higher Education Center celebrated diversity in the Hispanic culture by putting on the first D_Òå_a de la Raza event.

The event was set up like a gallery with different organizations and tables that shared passion for the Hispanic culture, as well as its cultures and traditions.

“We’re giving the students the liberty to express their cultures through their interpretations, with different traditions and influences by different generations as well,” said Interim Coordinator Angelica Ibarra.

D_Òå_a de la Raza, the Day of the Race, is the celebration of the Hispanic heritage of Latin America, and it brings together all ethnic and cultural influences that make it different.

With many different countries making up Latin America, attendees were able to learn about the many different cultures that make up this community.

This event also tackled the misconception that the Hispanic community is one culture by giving a voice to the different backgrounds that are all closely related to Latin America.

Although it runs much deeper for countries such as Uruguay and Venezuela as they celebrated and remembered their people who were wiped out because of Columbus’ colonization, South and Central America and Mexico also celebrated it.

Ibarra shared how important this year’s celebration is because of the recent motion to change Columbus’ Day to Indigenous People Day.

“It’s great for the community to recognize the harm that came out of Columbus, and it gives us something back,” shared Ibarra. “This day is a bit more special, this year.”

A constant reminder throughout the event was the hurt and wrong that the colonization did to a wide range of Hispanic communities.

People were kicked out of their homes and ripped away from their own culture and traditions.

This year, D_Òå_a de la Raza encouraged pride and celebration in one’s own culture by giving a sense of community back to those experienced wrongdoing.

From the natural disasters to the unwelcoming messages from the government, this event allowed people to come together to express their concerns and share their voices with everyone.

CECCHE continues to push themselves to build a welcoming and well represented center for all Hispanic cultures.

“We want to redefine our space, and we hope this event will help highlight the diversity in the Hispanic culture,” said Ibarra.

One of the tables at the event was Puerto Ricans in Action, who were there spreading awareness about the tremendous amount of rebuilding the island of Puerto Rico must undergo after Hurricane Maria.

“Many of us would not be okay with turning our phones off for an hour,” said Ibarra to the crowd. “Puerto Rico as a nation will have to be without power for about 6-9 months. ‘Can you imagine that?'”

Although, not all points were positive, the event had an upbeat atmosphere.

There was a hopeful feeling that was spread across, with pride and celebration.

Strength in coming together as a community and celebrating one another was also an example of extending a helping hand to those who need it.

D_Òå_a de la Raza was a perfect event to represent the people of the Hispanic community.

It brought awareness and positivity among all the incidents that have occurred.

Like many others are doing, the Hispanic community is rising and standing stronger than ever.

To continue the celebration of Hispanic traditions, CECCHE is now focusing on their next event, D_Òå_a de los Muertos, which is schedule for Nov. 3 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Dia de La Raza gives students the liberty to express their cultures through their interpretations

Paula Fuentes / The Poly Post

Dia de La Raza gives students the liberty to express their cultures through their interpretations

This year

Paula Fuentes / The Poly Post

This year’s event encouraged pride and celebration in one’s own culture

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