OSLCC Fest inspires students to get involved

By Uriel Gonzalez

Feeling at home on a heavily populated public university campus, especially for newcomers, may seem far-fetched, but the Office of Student Life and Cultural Affairs is here to help students find their path.

Many students have all walked a different path to finally make it to a four-year university.

Whether a transfer student, LGBTQ or just want to seek counseling, the OSLCC has a club or organization will help facilitate a beneficial college going experience.

“The goal for this event is to support and build bridge building activities for transfer students coming in, so they feel that they belong here and, so they won’t feel overwhelmed,” said PolyTransfer Ambassador and Peer Mentor Starla Hampton.

Thursday’s OSLCC Fest was all about getting students to find a home on campus.

At least a dozen clubs and organizations had booths set up with friendly representatives encouraging passing students to partake in the festivities.

University Park was filled with a wide variety of OSLCC clubs and their tents, from the PRIDE Center to PolyTransfer and even counselors from Student Health and Counseling.

There were a few eye-catching games as well, like giant versions of Jenga and chess.

Out of the vast array of helpful clubs, PolyTransfer stood out as an organization whose staff and overall message aimed to help one of the biggest and perhaps the most diverse population on campus, transfer students.

According to PolyTransfer Ambassador and Peer Mentor Aysha Haq, 49 percent of Cal Poly Pomona students have transferred from a community college.

Seeing that nearly half of the student population consists of transfer students, PolyTransfer’s goal to provide a support system with workshops and advising is immensely valuable.

This helps transfer students familiarize themselves with numerous tasks from registering for classes, to taking the Graduation Writing Test and even helping students socialize with each other.

All of these hurdles may not be easy to figure out for a new student and can mean the difference between success and failure at any university.

These support groups help many students, but they also help the people involved.

Taking part in helping others can often be a rewarding experience, and this is clearly the case with the many individuals under the OSLCC who are committed to making CPP all-inclusive.

“This program has helped me as well. I am not only helping other people, they are also helping me along the way, which is awesome,” said Hampton.

After feeling the support from PolyTransfer herself, Hampton was compelled to give back and return the favor.

She is now a part of PolyTransfer as an ambassador and peer mentor who helps transfer students with anything they may need on campus.

If you missed the fest, you can always attend various other events put on by the OSLCC and their affiliates every quarter.

For more information on how to be a part of this community on campus, you can visit the OSLCC website or visit them in person in Building 26, room 124.

Career Center

Hope Algeo / The Poly Post

Career Center’s Graduate Intern Angelica Thomas encourages students to participate.

The OSLCC Fest supports and encourages students to get involved on campus

Tevin Voong / The Poly Post

The OSLCC Fest supports and encourages students to get involved on campus

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