A look back at the 2017 Los Angeles County Fair

By Jocelyn Oceguera

The Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona was the highlight of the summer for tons of families and friends showcasing a variety of unique foods, carnival rides, musical acts and fun informative exhibits.

They held a variety of neighborhoods within the fair such as the carnival, the farm, extreme thrills and even a kids’ zone, so that people of all ages could come together and enjoy a day at the fair.

“I love it,” said Alisha Guin, a gate concierge, about the LACF.

She has worked at the fair for two years and unlike other fair guests, she heads towards the informative exhibits first.

The Bee Hive exhibit, one that Guin favored and recommended, informs people about the importance of bees and how they contribute to our lives.

It showcases an enclosed active bee hive where bees come in and out of and people get to see how a working bee hive comes together and works.

Then there is the Kids’ Zone which is filled with art work and contributions from kids of nearby communities.

They come together to make a safe place for children where they can not only have fun, but also educate themselves and be informed about forestry, the water cycle and the importance of trees.

Let us not forget about the farm, which is filled with youth from our community that have come together to raise animals and better the environment.

You get to see a variety of animals such as pigs, goats, sheep and you get to feed them too.

For those that love traditional carnival rides, you can’t go wrong here, of course they have the Ferris wheel and any other ride that spins and takes you up high in the air.

Not far behind they have the carnival games where you can win a huge stuffed animal or a gold fish.

Not only that, but the fair also brings different musical acts to the Grandstand, which is also in the fair.

This summer they had Fifth Harmony, Styx & Kansa, Chicago, Gerardo Otiz and Migos among others perform.

“Living in a city that is always so fast space, people do not stop and appreciate their surroundings, so the fair is a great place to do that and it brings different communities together, which is what county fairs are really about,” said Guin.

In fact the LACF holds community days, where they invite people to come to the fair for free.

For example, our very own CPP day, where students of the university were invited to attend the fair along with other surrounding schools and neighborhoods.

Do not worry if you missed the chance to attend the fair this summer, the fair is annual and constantly tries to one up itself and have better rides, food and even more performances.

So, it is no surprise that familiar faces surround the fair.

Most of the guest attending come every year or have attended the fair every year for the last 20 or 30 years.

Soraya Cabrera a front desk agent at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel, which is located right on Fairplex property next door to the fair says that for the last three years she’s worked there she has seen the same people attend the fair.

“Some come for their anniversary and others because they like the feel of the fair and the sense of unity and community,” said Cabrera.

She says that it is great to recognize those that attend the fair and it is nice to see the excitement on everyone’s face when they arrive and get that ticket to the fair or take their first bite of the hot Cheetos on the cob.

The LACF has been held annually since the 1920’s during the month of September, for more information about next years’ fair go to LACF website.

The LA County Fair showcases a variety of unique carnival rides.

Jocelyn Oceguera / The Poly Post

The LA County Fair showcases a variety of unique carnival rides.

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