Museum of Ice Cream: A treat for Los Angeles

By Anthony Carrillo

The Museum of Ice Cream in the Art District of Los Angeles is turning back the clock for its guests and giving them the joy that ice cream once did.

This new museum is taking the Internet by storm as it has played host to many celebrities, including power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Bianca Acosta, a fourth-year marketing student at Cal State Northridge who visited the museum said, “I wish all museums were like this. It was really interactive.”

Do not expect to learn much about ice cream at this museum, as education is put at a lower priority than the art and free samples.

The free samples begin immediately upon entering, as Dove chocolates are up for grabs. The next room takes you to the ice cream-infused, L.A.-themed room with a pun-filled Hollywood Walk of Fame. Scoop Dogg and Strawberry Short Drake are just a couple of the stars you will come across. In the same room, you will also be presented with your first ice cream sample.

From there, things go bananas as you walk past the banana scratch-and-sniff wallpaper that surrounds a swing set. This leads into the hanging banana room that features hundreds of bananas split in half by color, half of them yellow and the other pink.

Next, you make your way into the mint garden with real mint being grown in a bed of cocoa soil. The delicious-smelling section is the setting of mint mocha ice cream that is given out.

After all that mint, the museum heads to a more colorful and refreshing flavor: sherbet. With neon lights and rainbow artwork, this room screams roller rink. The next room pays homage to summer days when you’re enjoying a scoop of ice cream and it begins to melt and run down your hand. While this moment is usually not pleasant, The Museum of Ice Cream manages to turn it into art. The room is designed by artist Keith Magruder and features giant popsicles that are forged into the wall, giving the impression that they are melting.

The next room is less about ice cream and more about the toppings that complete the treat- gummy bears to be specific. This room features extra-large gummy bear statues. Guests then walk into a charcoal cookie dough room with an artistic centerpiece of a classical Greek statute of a head with ice cream on top of its face.

From there you are led into the crown jewel of the museum, the pool of sprinkles.

The pool comes equipped with flotation devices, beach balls and a diving board.

Acosta made it clear this was her favorite room when she said, “Now I can say I have been in a pool of sprinkles. I did not even know that is something I wanted, but I am glad I did.”

Then like most museums, this one has you exit through the gift shop, which is also the location of your last free sample: a pancake ice cream sandwich.

The Museum of Ice Cream is in town until the end of August after being extended due to popular demand, and the only tickets still available are the private tours that range from $1,500-$2,000.

Ask a friend, check Craigslist for tickets, do whatever you must do to experience this wonderful museum over the summer.

The museum features various rooms with unique and colorful artwork

Anthony Carrillo / The Poly Post

The museum features various rooms with unique and colorful artwork

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