Magician reveals tricks for motivation

By Sean Goodwin

A magician of 20 years, Brandon Love, performed a unique magic show at Ursa Minor in the Bronco Student Center April 25.

Not only did the magician astound the audience he presented to, he tied his tricks together with a presentation designed to motivate its viewers to live a fuller life.

“Maybe I can speak to audiences about the life skills that I thought were really important through this medium,” said Love when asked about what inspired him to combine magic and motivational speaking.

Love inspired the audience to use their enjoyment of the magic to improve themselves at the same time through his presentation titled, “Mind Over Magic.”

The main concept Love explained was the mind’s desire to be tricked by the magic being presented.

Magic isn’t real, but it’s still entertaining because the viewer simply wants to be entertained.

This whole presentation focused on the idea of accomplishing goals by the simple act of believing in accomplishing those goals, much like how a person chooses to believe in magic.

“Just because it’s fake, doesn’t mean it’s not real,” said Love after performing his _ÀåÂ_Ärst magic trick.

Love continually referenced this line of logic by showing other magic tricks, progressively making his point more complex and relatable.

His second magic trick involved tearing a tissue paper apart, crumpling it

into a ball, then opening the ball to reveal that the paper was completely intact.

The twist on this trick was Love showed the audience exactly how the trick was done afterward.

He swapped the crumpled ball of torn paper with a crumpled ball of intact paper when the audience wasn’t looking.

However, after revealing the trick, he opened up what should’ve been the

crumpled ball of torn paper and showed it was still intact to the dumbfounded audience.

“We’re always missing something even though we think that we know,” said Love as he put both intact tissue papers away.

This was his way of showing it’s wise to keep an open mind because certainty can impede new perspectives from forming.

A moment of the presentation that really stood out happened when Love tried to get the whole audience to participate by challenging them to _ÀåÂ_Ägure out a puzzle.

The puzzle started by placing your hand in front of your body with the palm facing up. The goal of the puzzle was to _ÀåÂ_Ägure out how to get the palm of your hand facing down.

Everybody had a puzzled look on his or her face because the puzzle was too easy to solve.

Love enjoyed this moment of confusion and capitalized by saying the puzzle was one of possibility.

It didn’t matter how easy the puzzle was, what mattered was the possibilities of how to _ÀåÂ_Änish it.

Love then allowed creativity to _Àå‰Û_ourish by gradually adding restrictions that made the audience _ÀåÂ_Ägure out how to _ÀåÂ_Änish the puzzle in increasingly ridiculous ways.

The last restrictions were as follows: You can’t twist your wrist, you can’t let your elbow leave your side, you have to keep your body upright and your hand has to stay in front of your body.

Everybody gave up at these restrictions, and Love asked how many people gave up because the task seemed impossible. A majority of the audience raised their hands.

Love explained simply believing in impossibility impedes progress.

He revealed the solution afterward to show that impossible problems are truly never impossible.

“It’s important to remember that we have more potential than we realize. I think we need to make space for ourselves to step into something bigger than ourselves, and many of us don’t make that space,” said Love. “So when we remember that there’s more potential and we allow ourselves the room to grow, make mistakes and take risks, I think that’s when we learn how to thrive.”

Third-year business student Giovanni Flores organized the event.

“I wanted to bring a motivational speaker onto campus to motivate our students to remind themselves why they are here: to get an education,” said Flores. “I know it gets hard sometimes and people don’t have support, so I wanted a motivational speaker.”

You can _ÀåÂ_Änd everything you need to know about Love at brandonlovemagic. com.

Brandon Love presented a unique approach to motivational speaking.

John Michael Uba / The Poly Post

Brandon Love presented a unique approach to motivational speaking.

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