Students sing poolside during karaoke night

By Fredy Ramirez

A group of more than 20 students showed up to the pool patio at the Bronco Recreational Intramural Complex to indulge in a night of musical entertainment provided by karaoke on Nov 17.

Despite the cold weather, students began to show up to the event, although there was some hesitation on first approaching the microphone.

The first performer of the night went up and sang Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” which served as an icebreaker for the evening. The crowd sang and danced along to the summertime hit.

LIam O’Brien, a first-year student who took the plunge with that first song felt the performance was “fabulous.”

“I thought it would be fun to be little crazy, a little wild,” said O’Brien.

That first song got things rolling and people began to relax and enjoy themselves.

Students covered songs by Coldplay, Rihanna and The Temptations, just to name a few. Some performers sang one song, did the proverbial mic drop and left. Others stayed for the whole night to enjoy and support the remaining singers.

Most of the students who attended appeared to enjoy themselves whether they went up to perform or decided to just dance along. It was a stress-free environment that gave students a chance to unwind and have fun before finals week.

The staff provided snacks and games to give attendees the chance to win prizes. It wasn’t just about singing, it was about coming together and having fun.

Kelsey Fielding, a third-year biology student, was the coordinator of the event. She said the purpose of the event was to “bring people out that normally don’t [go out].”

The karaoke night was an attempt to draw out some of the students who dorm on campus, trying to give some of the full-time students whose day ended after 5 p.m. a little bit of entertainment. The coordinators and facilitators worked hard to keep the singers and audience engaged with song performances and prize giveaways.

Students showed support for the singers who stepped up to the mic on karaoke night

Zoran Liu-Moy / The Poly Post

Students showed support for the singers who stepped up to the mic on karaoke night

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