Performer on Olive Lane Walk is Ryan Jaymes

By Lauren Guerrero

The identity of the performer on Olive Lane Walk is no longer a mystery. Ryan Jaymes, from Rialto, California, performs during U-Hour and has left quite an impression on students at Cal Poly Pomona.

In the past, Jaymes struggled with performing in front of an audience; however, he became committed to overcoming the fear.

“Last year, I took a class with a professor; it was a voice class, and I practiced so hard,” said Jaymes. “I practiced in the parking structure [because] I was super shy, [but] I really wanted to get better. I practiced everyday throughout the whole week, and then I came to midterms ” [and] my voice quivered. I was [shaken], and I was nervous. From then, I was determined.”

Over the summer, he came out to CPP to practice performing in public, and he also visited other neighboring campuses to practice.

“It took me, I would say, six months [to get comfortable singing here],” said Jaymes. “Everyone saw me all the time, but then during the summer, ” [I] went to UC Berkley, I went to San Francisco State [and] I went to [UC Riverside]. I went to other places like Arizona, Phoenix [and] Oklahoma. I did what I did here but over there.”

“I was in Portland ” at this [outdoor plaza], [and] I just played music, and I just danced,” said Jaymes. “I danced like no one was watching, and it kind of helped [me] because everyone [I know was] so far away. I felt so good about myself; I felt like I can be myself with my silly, funny moves. People make fun of them, but it’s okay.”

Performing in places far from CPP also helped Jaymes learn more about himself as a person.

“I used to care about what other people had thought as I’m performing, and I guess as human beings it’s never going to go away, but what I can control is the volume of how loud that insecurity is in my heart or in my mind,” said Jaymes. “Now, as opposed to last year, I really turned it down a lot. I don’t care too much, but I’m still human.”

Jaymes’ central message is that insecurities are what you make of them, and you shouldn’t let them control you; however, his ultimate goal is to share and give love.

“[The] message I would like to share with my song writing is to do things that make you happy, and don’t let anyone take away your happiness, your dreams of being a famous doctor, ” being a musician or being an architect,” said Jaymes. “Do it whatever way you want to do it, as long as you’re not hurting anybody. Don’t let society judge you and tell you who you should be. Just be you because that’s what makes you beautiful and unique.”

Jaymes also made a sign to share his message with people as he performs. That sign stopped some students who were making their way around campus.

“I was walking and then I saw his sign, and it said something about loving yourself or ” having the courage, and that takes [courage],” said fourth-year gender, ethnicity and multicultural student Michelle Torres.

Torres enjoyed listening to Jaymes sing because many of the songs he covers are songs that are played on the radio.

“He sounds like Ne-Yo, ” [and] he reminds me of Ne-Yo because he’s into really soulful R&B stuff,” said Torres. “He’s a really good performer, and we were just talking about it. ” It looks like he really knows how to dance, and he’s cute too.”

Some students were also stunned when they saw Jaymes getting his groove on during U-Hour.

“I think he has a lot of courage because singing in front of everybody [is] just nerve wrecking, or [for] me at least. I’m not sure for him, but I think it’s brave,” said second-year gender, ethnicity and multicultural student Kenneth Perla.

You can catch Jaymes performing your favorite top 40 songs during U-Hour. Students should be vigilant of his career because he plans on trying out for “America’s Got Talent.”

Performer on Olive Lane Walk

Zoran Liu-Moy / The Poly Post

Performer on Olive Lane Walk

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