‘Hover boards’ make appearance on campus

By Victoria Kernen

As celebrities have shown their love for the next transportation trend since the Segway, the self-balancing electric scooter is slowly making its way to college campuses around the country, including Cal Poly Pomona.

The self-balancing scooter goes by many elongated versions, not to exclude the name “hover board.” Seeing as these boards don’t float but roll, we are behind schedule in mimicking the “hover boards” shown in the 1985 cult classic “Back to the Future.”

A few students on campus have made the decision to buy a board and have been seen around the university with little sweat on their faces. This new method of transportation to and from class is evidently gaining popularity, but there is also negative feedback from people who do not use the new transportation method.

Kevin Nguyen, a third-year psychology student, believes the boards are a lethargic method of getting around campus (or getting around anywhere for that matter).

“Have you ever seen the movie WALL-E?” said Nguyen referring to the Pixar movie that featured humans who got around on floating chairs.

Jordan Ogundiran, a first-year marketing student, thinks of the self-balancing scooter as an efficient way of getting to his classes from his dorm. It cuts his 10-15 minute walk down to a three to five minute commute.

Ibrahim Al-Khatib,a fourth-year technology and operations management student, not only sees the self-balancing scooters as efficient but a good way to make a statement.

For students who do not own a board, it is not only due to their elevated price range. Most students do not see the issue with walking, riding a bike or skateboarding.

Nonetheless, students are left asking themselves: to buy or not to buy?

The price range for a self-balancing scooter approximately ranges from $300 to $1,000 ” the newest boards offer Bluetooth, which enables audio connectivity.

Some students prefer to walk or use other types of wheeled transportation, but others are not fans of the hills around campus and want to replace walking time with brief commutes.

Victoria Kernen / The Poly Post

‘Hover boards’

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