Event gives a taste of end of the world

By Jane Pojawa

This week, many brave individuals are going to a four-day festival called Wasteland Weekend. The event, now in its sixth year, is the largest post-apocalyptic themed event in the world.

Located in H Park, a subdivision of California City, the event strips attendees of the comforts of civilization, and throws them into the harsh, unforgiving desert to survive as best they can.

The event generally attracts around 2,500 people who live as characters from the Mad Max universe. With this summer’s blockbuster hit “Mad Max: Fury Road,” this year’s Wasteland Weekend promises to be the most-attended and elaborate ever held.

All participants are required to be in post-apocalyptic attire within the confines of the event, while themed cars and camps are encouraged and celebrated.

At the event, bottle caps are the only form of currency, and food is limited to what attendees can salvage and carry.

Entertainment at the event includes music, fire spinning, burlesque, car rallies and fashion contests.

Comparisons to Burning Man are inevitable, but Wasteland Weekend is smaller, friendlier, cheaper and less commercial.

Festivalgoers can expect to see characters based on Furiosa, the Vulvalini, the War Boys, Bullet Farmers the new faces from Fury Road.

Lord Humongous and the Dogs of War will return to the event and so will mutants, zombies, desert rats, barbarians, bikers, tribesmen and anyone else savvy enough to survive in the desert wastes.

Some of the camps at Wasteland Weekend will provide varied entertainment such as a post-apocalyptic bikini contest, “battle ‘bots,” and spoken word presentations.

Aside from bottle caps, this is a cashless event, but barter is encouraged.

Wasteland Weekend

Jane Pojawa / The Poly Post

Wasteland Weekend

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