Pizza philosophy and perspectives

By Adrian Danganan

Has one actually eaten pizza if he or she didn’t eat the crust?

Actor Patrick Stewart asked that question on Twitter on Thursday. Stewart’s tweet sparked an online debate and managed to combine philosophy and pizza. How? I don’t know. Only Sir Patrick Stewart could create such a spectacle.

With this week’s issue being the last for the school year, I decided to ask my fellow editors the question. No one will understand the laughter, sweat and tears I have shared with these individuals, and their answers only give a slight glimpse of what they brought forth in the newsroom. We’re quite a unique group, but trust me. We get along well.

Salina Nasir, Editor-in-Chief: Yes, you’ve eaten part of the pizza. I am in solidarity with the non-crust eaters because pizza can be enjoyed however one wishes to enjoy it.

Czarina Obieta, News Editor: I don’t know. I guess I don’t discriminate against any food. If I’m gonna eat something, I’m gonna finish the entire thing and not just eat part of the whole. Wikipedia, a great academic source, says that the crust is a part of the pizza. Therefore, if [non-crust eaters] don’t eat the crust, they haven’t had an entire pizza slice.

Enrique Cervantes, Sports Editor: Like Czarina, I don’t discriminate against food, and I usually eat everything that comes with the pizza. [The crust is] just bread. The pizza part is with all the toppings.

Michael Torres, Multimedia Editor: I would say no. They haven’t eaten pizza if they don’t eat the crust. The crust is the best part of the pizza. It’s like eating the core of the apple but not the skin. It’s not the same experience.

Zoe Lance, Copy Editor: Well, I don’t know. One of my favorite things about eating pizza is eating the pie part first and then using the crust to wipe up salad dressing or cheese on the plate. It just depends on your pizza-eating preferences. I don’t think you’re a bad pizza eater if you don’t eat the crust. It’s your own thing.

Cassandra Ortiz, Web Editor: I would say yes. Pizza is technically a pie, and not all pies have crusts, right? Some like lemon meringue are just, like, open.

Stephen Acosta, Video Editor:Yeah, but if you stack slices on top of each other and eat it as one, it counts as one slice.

(And if you’re wondering about my opinion, the crust is a vital component to every slice of pizza. No crust? No pizza.)

Adrian Danganan

Adrian Danganan

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