Rock the Stables 2 embraces hip-hop culture

By Marlen Chinos

Cal Poly Pomona students showcased their hip hop influenced musical talents at Rock the Stables 2 on Thursday night in the Old Stables. The annual event, hosted by 4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization, entertained a small yet energetic crowd with a night full of hip hop music and culture, proving that hip hop, in fact, is not dead.

The event featured a variety of hip hop based performances, including freestyle rapping, dancing and cyphers, or a meeting of rappers that are willing to freestyle over a given beat.

4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization, founded in 2012, is a CPP organization based on the hip hop culture of hip hop.

“It is more than just the music, more than just the dancing, more than just the lyrical skills,” said second-year music student and Treasurer of 4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization Marcus Angulo. “It is about the culture. The camaraderie that hip hop can bring to people. People that would never talk to each other can be united by hip hop and through this organization. It is hard to hate somebody when they are spilling their guts out for you with a personal rap verse or just making a fool of themselves. You really get to know a person, and that is really what we are about.”

The organization’s goal is to provide a space in which interested students can come together and discuss the complexity of the hip hop culture.

“We want to be an organization that talks the talk and also walks the walk,” said Angulo. “We want to bring people together and put them out there in the world. Our goal is to help our members get were they want to be in every aspect of their life.”

Members are highly encouraged to express themselves.

“A lot of people that come to our meetings aren’t comfortable expressing themselves.,” said fourth-year industrial engineering student and President of 4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization Eslam Khalil, better known on stage as Izzy. “They come to the meetings saying, ‘Do I have to rap? Do I have to do this? Do I have to do that?’ No, you don’t have to do anything. We are a safe place. If you want to test out your raps, if you want to test out your skills, and if you want to get better, that’s what 4 Elements is to me. It is kind of like a smaller family.”

Former 4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization member and CPP alumnus, Danny Bullocks, known on stage as Dabble, was one of the night’s performers.

“I joined 4 Elements at its inception three years ago,” said Bullocks. “I appreciated the fact that 4 Elements talked more about the history of hip hop and what it meant. They focused on the fact that it was more than just booty, girls, money and drugs.”

Apart from Rock the Stables, the organization hosts a variety of events throughout the school year. Many of the events help fundraise money for needed supplies.

“In the next couple of weeks, we should be having our winter showcase, which should be out in front of Round Table at the BSC,” said Angulo. “We also should be having another food sale. The fundraisers help us raise money the organization so we can pay for the things that we need: things like t-shirts, microphones, and sound systems.”

Angulo encourages students interested in hip hop culture to attend one of their weekly meetings.

“We have a weekly hip hop discussion,” said Khalil. “Last week, our discussion was ‘What is real?’ The week before that, the debate was ‘What is beef?’ We argue also about East Coast versus West Coast. You know, the classic arguments.”

According to Angulo, there are no requirements to join 4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization.

“Just come to our meetings,” said Angulo. “Be ready to talk about your opinions on hip hop. You don’t always have to write. You can produce, you can dance, and you can do graphite. No matter what, if you come, you are going to be respected. Your opinion is going to be highly valued, and you’re going to become a part of the 4 Elements family.”

4 Elements of Hip Hop Organization meetings are held every Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in Building 163, room 2015.

Rock the Stables

Hayden Yi / The Poly Post

Rock the Stables

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