Students show musical talent at U-Hour recital

By Karina Ultreras

Outside of the Music Recital Hall, students waited patiently to see their peers perform at the Winter Showcase Music Hour on Thursday. Directed by Professor Peter Yates, the U-Hour event exhibited Cal Poly Pomona students’ music talent.

Senior music students Candy Tsai and Nina Zhang opened the concert in a duet with a timeless Beethoven piece. Senior music students Jose Moreno, A clarinet, and Andres Meza, Bb clarinet, performed “Sonata for Two Clarinets” by Francis Poulenc as well.

The event had an ambiance of class, elegance and grace. The audience gave their undivided attention to the performers.

Jonathan Gould, senior music student, sang and played the guitar for his own piece, “We Belong Together.”

Third-year music performance student Michael Aburas performed the piece “Segovia” by Bertram Turetzky on a double bass. Before beginning, Aburas introduced Turetzky as a famous guitar player from the 20th century and his instrument of choice from the Romantic era.

“In my studio lesson for double bass, my instructor recommended this piece because she felt it fit my technique and style very well, which I think it does,” said Aburas. “This is one that the professors were pretty happy with.”

He demonstrated full concentration and balance with the large instrument.

“I did some meditation before I went out,” said Abura. “My mind wasn’t [nervous], but my body was because the circulation in my hands wasn’t so good. Not too much goes through my mind [when performing]; just the emotion of the music. If I practice the piece and I have it ready to go, then the piece kind of performs itself, and I’m along for the ride.”

Zach Downing, a senior music student, energized the Recital Hall with his percussion rendition of “Sleight of Hand” by Scott Ward. The audience cheered enthusiastically for Downing.

Megan Dickinson, a third-year music education student, shared her favorite performer from the show.

“I really enjoyed the bass piece by Michael,” said Dickinson. “It was a very different way of playing the bass that I’m used to. A lot of the pieces were exciting.”

Alex Solis, a third-year music education student, made room in his busy schedule to attend the Winter Showcase Music Hour.

“Sometimes, it conflicts with my schedule or lessons, but I try to come [to performances] as much as I can to support my fellow colleagues,” said Solis.

Out of all of the performances, Solis connected with Downing’s piece the most.

“Zach Downing ” his percussion was crazy,” said Solis. “I like rocking out and fast stuff, so that was right up my alley. I thought they were all fantastic to be honest.”

Another attendee was third-year music performance student Noah Zelezny.

“I enjoy seeing all my peers improve and having a venue to demonstrate,” said Zelezny. “It was really good.”

Teresa Kelly, the music department’s publicist, thinks this is a great chance for students to grow as musicians.

“This event provides our students with another opportunity to be on stage in front of an audience,” said Kelly. “We like to do that because that is their career goals.

“There are a variety of performances, [including] instrumental and vocal.”

The event is for everyone to enjoy, and students from all levels benefit from participating in or attending the showcase.

“This generally will be seniors working towards their senior recitals,” said Kelly. “It also provides a free concert that students in 100 and 101 [classes] can attend, which is nice.”

All nine performances in the Winter Showcase Music Hour ran smoothly.

An upcoming free event will be an honors invitational, where students who demonstrate excellence and music achievement will be invited to participate. The event will take place on Feb. 18.

Winter Showcase

Jennifer Contreras / The Poly Post

Winter Showcase

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