New club to ‘save the world in the name of the Doctor’

By Corey Kleinsasser

Not many clubs at Cal Poly Pomona are dedicated to television shows. But fans of the BBC show “Doctor Who” can now rejoice, as the Whovian Society is now a campus club.

Sairah Saeed is a first-year architecture student and the club’s president. Saeed founded the Whovian Society during fall quarter. She had a similar club last year when she was still in high school.

“I made [the] Whovian Society in high school last year right after I got hooked [on the show],” said Saeed. “It was really fun. It got a whole bunch of people involved, and I was like, ‘I really want to put this on a bigger scale.’ That’s why I’m making it in Cal Poly Pomona now.”

However, if you think the Whovian Society is all about watching “Doctor Who,” think again.

“It’s a ‘Doctor Who’ club, but it’s not just a fan club,” said Saeed. “The goal of the club is to save the world in the name of The Doctor. What that means is helping the society we live in by also bettering ourselves by playing games and doing these little activities that show us we’re good people.

“Also, in the spirit of ‘Doctor Who,’ we’re able to use that drive in order to do even more things like fundraising for organizations that help the world in a better way.”

Professors Peg Lamphier and Rosanne Welch are the advisors for the Whovian Society. Saeed was easily able to get both of them to back the club.

“I had Dr. Welch in IGE 120, and she does ‘Doctor Who’ lectures on campus,” said Saeed. “We did an introductory activity in IGE where it really helped us to who we understand who we are. Since I already made a Whovian Society back in high school, that’s also what I talked about.

“Dr. Lamphier is a really good friend to Dr. Welch, and they both work really well together. It was a given that Dr. Lamphier should be our second advisor.”

Welch has been a fan of the show since high school.

“I watched it in the 70s with my college [and] high school friends,” said Welch. “When it was rebooted in 2005, I naturally came back to it. I found it was an interesting, well-written show.”

Welch believes that the show is beneficial for anyone to watch.

“I think it’s a positive show,” said Welch. “A lot of science fiction [television shows] focus on apocalyptic, end-of-the-world zombies eating us stuff, and [the Doctor] focuses on providing the change that will makes the worlds that he visits better.”

First-year engineering student Leslie Guandique serves as the club’s vice president.

“Sairah posted about it online that she wanted to start [the Whovian Society], and I responded,” said Guandique. “I applied for one of the board positions, and she liked my ideas as well, so she decided to put me as vice president.

“[I] basically enforce everything that she wants in case there’s something she can’t get to. [I] provide ideas to help run the club alongside with her.”

The club is still only a few months old, but they are already gaining members.

“Originally we only had four of us, but then we started the sign-ups, so it’s growing right now,” said Guandique.

Even if you’re not a fan of “Doctor Who,” the club still wants others to join.

“We’re really welcoming,” said Guandique. “Don’t be scared because you may not be into ‘Doctor Who’ as much as the next person, but you can always learn more. Trust me, the more you get to know ‘Doctor Who’ people, the more you realize it’s not really what you know about ‘Doctor Who,’ it’s that you can both appreciate it.”

Meetings for the Whovian Society are held every other Tuesday. The club also has a blog at

Whovian Society

Courtesy Whovian Society

Whovian Society

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