Why the creator of ‘ramnut’ is a genius

By Adrian Danganan

One of the best things to ever cross my palette is ramen, whether it’s the authentic Japanese dish, swimming in a traditional tonkotsu broth, or the 20 cents per pack instant kind, swimming in hot water. But exactly how versatile can it get?

The world has already seen its share of cronuts and ramen burgers, and those were enough for the typical foodie to handle. Well, brace yourselves. Josh Scherer, a University of California Los Angeles student, has decided to take the foodie world by storm by introducing the ramen donut.

The 21-year-old shared the recipe for the “ramnut” on Culinary Bro-down, his blog dedicated to college food curiosities. The recipe mostly calls for the same ingredients used to make the buns for a ramen burger. However, Scherer uses horchata for cooking the actual noodles.

After a bit of cooking, molding, freezing, frying and draining, the “ramnuts” are made and ready for frosting and decorating. That last step is entirely left for the chef to decide.

Scherer makes it clear that he’s aiming for the gold medal in food uniqueness with the “ramnut.”

“I’m just trying to spark up a few lines of dialogue,” wrote Scherer on his blog. “I want to do things that are unique, things that have never been done before, and whether they taste good or not is tertiary to the real goal of progress.

“I’m going to shotgun method the foodie frontier until I hit a [expletive] bullseye.”

And sure enough, he hit the bullseye. The foodie world crashed through the roof when the “ramnut” went mainstream. His recipe caught the eyes of the Huffington Post, USA Today and Time Magazine. The Los Angeles Times even caught wind of the concoction, calling the ramen donut “Frankenstein food.”

But is the “ramnut” a revolutionary ordeal? Compared to chocolate-covered bacon or the Cronut, not really. Generally speaking, it meets the standards of someone who has serious “munchies.”

However, I’m sure Scherer could not care less. He wanted to create a unique dish and spark a conversation in the foodie world, and he did. I salute him and applaud his work.

It’s only a matter of time before restaurants start cashing in on the “ramnut.” But don’t get too wild; Scherer drives a hard bargain.

“My provisional copyright on the name ‘ramnut’ is officially on sale,” wrote Scherer on his blog. “Looking for $50 and an Olive Garden gift card. Get at me, Dominique Ansel.”


Michael Torres / The Poly Post


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