Facebook page targets snoozing students

By Delaney Ferguson

Cal Poly Pomona students who know about the Asleep at CPP Facebook page might be rethinking their sleeping arrangements whenever they catch a nap on campus.

Among the list of humorous and informative CPP-related social media accounts is Asleep at CPP, which posts follower-submitted photos of sleeping students.

The creator of the Asleep at CPP page sought inspiration from a similarly themed Tumblr page hosted by a Brigham Young University student. The page administrator posted photos of sleeping students, which appealed to the creator and a burst of inspiration to create a page for CPP students.

“I decided that it would be funny to do it at CPP,” said the founder, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Plus, sleeping people amuse me.”

Followers are encouraged by the page’s creator to submit photos of fellow students that doze off in places around campus.

After taking a picture of an unsuspecting and, well, unconscious “victim,” students email or Facebook message their findings. The creator begins the process of filtering, editing, saving and periodically posting.

The identity of the sources are always protected to encourage the productivity and neutrality of the page. There are other rules that protect both the submitters and the subjects, including banishing photos with profane captions, photos of poor quality and photos taken in subjects’ beds.

In the page’s brief history, a victim has voiced her disapproval of a photo of her being posted on the page. In response, the creator immediately rescinded the image. The page says that should people be unwillingly or unknowingly posted on the page, they can request to have their images removed.

The creator acknowledged that he or she would always accommodate such requests to maintain the lighthearted fun of Asleep at CPP.

The creator keeps the page active by posting as often as possible.

“I try to post every day, but sometimes I forget, or I’m too busy,” said the founder. “There are also days where I don’t get any submissions. I also take as many pictures as I can myself, [and] I would say that my photos make up about 5 percent of all of the posts.”

The page was established in April during spring 2014 and took a brief break over the summer, halting activity until the start of this school year.

Student awareness of the page has gradually increased, contributing to Asleep at CPP’s rising popularity. The page was even mentioned on the popular CPP Confessions Facebook page, which resulted in a large amount of new followers.

Some students are still discovering the page, while many others are very familiar with it. Multiple people have been posted numerous times, both as submitters and as subjects. It is typical that followers of the page tag their friends, making the page even more popular.

“I think that most people think it’s funny, especially since there are certain people who are repeat offenders,” said the page’s creator. “No one has really shown legitimate anger over anything I’ve posted.”

While some students maintain the same mentality about the page in general, there are some people who disagree with the page and have rather disapproving thoughts.

First-year hospitality student Monica Siasoco has issues with the aspect of privacy.

“I think it is invading people’s privacy because they don’t know [their picture is being] taken,” said Siasoco. “I think you need consent before you actually put someone’s picture on Facebook.”

Josiah Pekary, a third-year mechanical engineering student, has been both featured on and contributed to Asleep at CPP.

“I feel like there is an invasion of privacy, and it’s a tad creepy,” said Pekary. “At the same time, I feel honored that my picture made the cut.”

Ultimately, Pekary believes that the page is intended for good fun. He considers it a great way for students to “mingle and connect.”

The creator of the page has the intention of remaining anonymous throughout his or her time at CPP, and wishes to carry on the legacy of the page after his or her graduation.

“A handful of my friends know my identity, but I’ve asked them not to tell people,” said the creator. “Hopefully that will stay a secret until I graduate, and I can pass on the admin info to someone else.”

Asleep at Cal Poly Pomona

Sungah Choi / The Poly Post

Asleep at Cal Poly Pomona

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