Neighbors’e a good kickoff to summer comedies

By Juana Lopez

“Neighbors,” featuring Zac Efron (Teddy Sanders), Seth Rogen (Mac Radner), Dave Franco (Pete) and Rose Byrne (Kelly Radner), is a good comedy to lead into the upcoming summer-comedy movies.

Mac and Kelly are new homeowners and parents. Everything seems perfect until their neighbor’s house becomes a frat house occupied by Teddy, Pete and their fraternity.

At first, Mac and Kelly try to keep it cool with the frat boys so that they don’t seem like party poopers, even going as far as to partying with them and promising never to call the police. That quickly changes when Mac and Rose decide to call the cops the next night due to a noise complaint.

Mac and Kelly’s plan was to call anonymous so that the Teddy and his crew didn’t know it was them who was calling. The cop arrives and tells the frat boys that it was Mac and Kelly who had called, and the fight between the neighbors begins

As annoyed as Mac and Kelly are about their neighbors, the couple secretly likes the newfound chaos of having a fraternity next door ” with all the crazy parties and excitement. It adds an unorthodox twist to their ordinary lives as grown-ups. All they want to do is prove that just because they’re grown-up doesn’t mean that they have to act grown up.

They enjoyed having that thrill in their lives because prior to having their party ing neighbors, their life was boring. In fact, in the beginning of the movie they tried to go out one night and ended up falling asleep because they were exhausted from trying to pack everything for them and their baby ” yes, they were going to take the baby with them to go rave.

The tricks played back and forth between the neighbors keeps the movie entertaining and fun. There was a time when Mac broke one of Teddy’s water pipes so that the whole house would flood and they wouldn’t be allowed to throw parties anymore. That idea went down the drain because the fraternity quickly thought of an interesting way, to say the least, of saving money to fix the house. Plus, the fraternity ended up with extra cash to throw a pool party.

The movie, however, can also be a bit unnecessarily inappropriate.

The fraternity boys would leave all their mess outside after their parties, including condoms, and well what was bound to happen, happened ” the baby stuck the condom inside her mouth. Although trying to have a funny approach, this scene didn’t have that impact. This movie definitely deserves an R rating.

The acting in the movie was up to par. Each character played their part well. Rogen’s acting was on point as usual and Byrne did a good job of matching Rogen’s humor.

Efron and Franco team up well together to portray the stereotypical frat guys and Efron does a superb job at acting like the good-looking dumb guy.

The movie is funny and overall has a good storyline that makes for a good late-night movie.

3.5 / 5 stars

"Neighbors" a good kickoff to summer comedies

Courtesy Good Universe

“Neighbors” a good kickoff to summer comedies

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