Sigma Kappa scores runs for Alzheimer’s research

By Ivan Aguilar

With bases loaded and crowds gathering all over the place, it
looked like Labor Day weekend on Saturday at Ayala Park in Chino,
where the ladies from Cal Poly Pomona’s Sigma Kappa sorority held
their annual charity softball event.

Students, as well as parents and children attended the event.
Some played while others were only there for moral support.

Other sororities and fraternities from campuses such as La Verne
and San Bernardino were also in attendance.

Chelsea Baker, a third-year animal science student and Sigma
Kappa member, said the event is held every year to raise funds for
their philanthropy.

“The event is a charity softball event where different
fraternities come to compete and all of the money raised goes to
Alzheimer’s research,” said Baker.

This year, the sorority raised $2,500 for Alzheimer’s

Christina Carlson, a third-year international business student
said the event is also held at other campuses besides CPP.

“Our Ultraviolet tournament is an event that all Sigma Kappa
chapters put on throughout the nation every year,” said

Carlson continued talking about the importance of having the
ultraviolet softball tournament and how it is important to be
involved in these types of events.

“These events raise awareness because not a lot of people know
about Alzheimer’s, but it’s becoming really prevalent in society
because so many more people are developing the disease,” said
Carlson. “I think it’s really important to have these events

to show our school and our community that it’s something that we
all need to participate in.”

It seemed that despite the event’s cause, everyone decided to
forget about the negative things and focus on having fun for the

While some students cheered on their teams, others conversed,
catching up with one another’s routines.

This was certainly the case for CPP alumnus D.J Arellano, who
graduated in 2009 and was ready to play ball with his buddies.

Arellano explained how these events serve as an opportunity not
only to give back to the community, but also to catch up with old

“I still talk to a lot of the guys that I went to school with
and it’s just a time to hang out with them because I don’t get to
see them all the time,” said Arellano.

Arellano, who was a member of Sigma Chi Epsilon, still remembers
participating in the event a couple of years ago and giving back to
his community.

Arellano said there are many negative misconceptions that
society holds against sororities and fraternities. However, he
hopes these events show people that they are too quick to

“Fraternities always get a bad rep because people think we’re
only partying and not doing anything, but we’re probably the most
active single group on campus,” said Arellano. “We’re raising
money, whether it’s for charity, campus or whether it’s for

community, and that’s just what it is. We’re just out there doing
our fair share to better the community.”

Marissa Ford, a fourth-year liberal arts student and a coach for
the event, explained how the cause of the event brings awareness to
the community. In addition, she said unity is a big part of making
events like this successful.

“I don’t think that there is one person in our chapter that
hasn’t been affected by Alzheimer’s in one way or another, with a
family member or a friend of the family, so knowing that we’re all
together in this great cause really brings people out,” said

The event, which started around 7 a.m., ended approximately 12
hours later. The park started fading away with people slowly
emptying the parking lots.

There were many homeruns throughout the day. However, it was
Sigma Kappa’s dedication for their philanthropy that truly hit the
ball out of the park.

CPP Sigma Kappa

Fahad Alsaleh / The Poly Post

CPP Sigma Kappa’s annual charity softball event

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