Speedy blind dates create new friendships

By Ivan Aguilar

An crowd of approximately 50 Cal Poly Pomona students was ready
to meet and interact with new people during the first “Blind Speed
Dating” event, held Friday night at the Bronco Student Center.

The event was hosted by Associated Students Inc. and University
Housing services as one of the several First Friday Events.

Even before the event started, students were dancing and making
conversation with each other, promising a fun-filled night.

The event was not a traditional speed dating affair, as
blindfolds were incorporated, adding a touch of mystery to the
social activity.

During the blind folding, each person had two minutes to
introduce him or herself to the other person and get to know each
other. This was done in hopes that people overcame the fear of
having to look someone in the face while trying to start a

“It’s speed dating, but blindfolded,” said Tammy Mitchell of
University Housing Services. “People don’t know who they’re talking
to, so it gets rid of that fear of talking to someone you are
meeting for the first time.”

Mitchell said students could take a positive experience out of
an event like this one.

“I hope that [students] make new friends, or at least one new
friend. If each person makes one new friend, it’s worthwhile,” said

The majority of students in attendance were freshmen that were
looking for a distraction away from their studies.

Students expressed that they were happy that CPP hosted an event
like this because it helped them interact with new people more

First-year Finance, Real Estate and Law student, Sophia Rehman
said these events are fun to have because it shows that the school
cares about its students.

“I think it’s really funny,” said Rehman. “I think it’s very
repetitive, but I feel like it is a fun way to meet friends. I like
when our school does something like this. They really are trying
for us to meet new people and I really appreciate that.”

Rehman also mentioned that the event was good because she
enjoyed being around different people.

“You get to have all these people, for different reasons being
here, and it’s just fun to meet people, and you come out with
friends, so that’s what I like,” said Rehman.

Although Rehman had a good time, she did not find her other

“I met a lot of fun people, but probably no one that I would
pursue,” she said.

Ming Han, a second-year electrical engineering student, was
happy to attend the event not only because he got to interact with
different people, but because he took home a raffled item.

“I think the event was a really good way to have fun and make
some friends…and I won a T-shirt,” said Han.

Han said the importance of this event was that friendships can
be made through these activities.

“The importance of these events is that Valentine’s Day is
coming,” said Han. “Hopefully it can make some new couples, but
also you get to socialize. Whether you make friends or not, you
enjoy it and experience [the event].”

The event appeared successful as students kept interacting and
dancing with each other even after the blind speed dating was

The night ended with a raffle and the welcoming of other CPP
First Friday Events, which included the VDay performance, zombie
face-painting and the Humans vs. Zombies After Party.

Blind Speed Dating

Maria Gardner / The Poly Post

Blind Speed Dating

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