Bike Share’ experts discuss benefits of riding

By Ivan Aguilar

With a full room and hardly any space to move around, the Urban
and Regional Planning department held a bike symposium to promote
the advantages of bike riding.

The Thursday afternoon discussion was guided by Professor Do Kim
from the Urban and Regional Planning department and two other
colleagues, who came from Korea to give their presentation on their
country’s Public Bicycle Sharing System.

The guest speakers discussed the benefits of riding a bike to
and from your destination, whether it be going to work, home or to
the market.

In addition, the guest speakers described the three main cities
in Korea where bike riding is most effective, which include
Changwon, Goyang and Daejeon.

These cities are successful in their bike sharing program due to
the fact that each city has more bike racks. People do not rely on
cars as much and if an individual does not have a bike,they can
rent one.

The presentation seemed to initiate some incentive because many
in attendance thought it would be a good idea to have a bike
sharing program in nearby cities.

Professor Gwen Urey from the department of Urban and Regional
Planning, said these events are great for students because it
raises awareness of cyclists.

“The population of cyclists is increasing, so I think raising
awareness of not just individuals on bikes, but cycle
infrastructure, cycle community, cycle research; I think all those
things are appropriate to be happening on our campus,” said Urey.
“I think

there’s a lot of both academic opportunity and social

In addition, Urey said the bike share concept is unique and it
allows people to view the city in a different way.

“Bike Share is a great concept because it allows cyclists and
tourists to see a city in a different way,” said Urey. “In terms of
a city like L.A., to be able to arrive in L.A. as a tourist and use
a bike to get around; you see so much more of a city’s life

people on a bike than you do on a car or in a tour bus.”

Fifth-year Urban and Regional Planning student, Faisal Durrani,
said the importance of events like these are the knowledge that
students receive.

“Education, I think, is the beginning of the actual action, so
if we don’t have that, nobody knows what they can do to achieve
whatever end, and obviously this one has many ends,” said Durrani.
“It would be a stepping point to make this a more pedestrian,

friendly campus, rather than building more parking structures.”

Durrani also said it would be a good idea to have a biking
system like the one in Korea because the California weather is
adequate for it.

“I think it’s going to be really cool to have [a biking
system]because we have a weather that is really good for this.”

Fifth-year Urban and Regional Planning student Irving Saldana
Anaya, said having these programs would help increase awareness to
both adults and students on the importance of riding your bike.

“It’s increasing in not just one city, but in several other
cities and I feel that L.A. County and Pomona should step it up and
get involved and increase their infrastructure,” said Anaya.

Anaya also said he would like to see a program similar to
Korea’s sometime in the future.

“It’s great that we had other representatives from other
countries come in and tell us about their bicycle infrastructure
and how they are way ahead of the game,” said Anaya. “If a city
like Changwon with that type of population can do something with
biking, why

can’t we?”

Seungwoo Ha

Charlina Allen / The Poly Post

Seungwoo Ha

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