YouTube becomes music platform

By Cecily Arambula

YouTube recently signed a deal with Merlin, a conglomerate of a
variety of independent record labels, representing an approximated
14,000 artists, including Grammy Award winners Adele and Arcade

Merlin is the fifth largest label and is one of five YouTube has
signed a deal with, giving royalties to their artists every time a
full or shortened clip of their work is used in a YouTube

As we all know, the streaming video website serves as a heavily
used platform for music. Whether it be MP3 posts or music
performances, YouTube has become as familiar and common to most of
us as Facebook and iTunes.

Rather than turning to websites such as Pandora, YouTube is
visited to get to any music by possibly almost any artist quickly
and for free.

All 1489 of the “favorited” videos on my YouTube account are
songs, either by the track’s original artist or a cover of the

Sometimes, even full albums are posted throughout a collection
of Youtube videos. And the sidebar of related videos is as helpful
as ever, presenting viewers with more clips by the same artist and
similar videos

The website serves as a platform for both music listeners and

It has the ability to catapult musicians into the limelight as
either “YouTube fame” and sometimes even full-sprung music

Music performances on YouTube can be intended for the YouTube
audience or a video captured and posted by another person.

Many musicians have taken advantage of the opportunity YouTube
offers to make a name for themselves.

YouTube famous musicians, such as David Choi, AJ Rafael, Andrew
Garcia, Boyce Avenue, Joseph Vincent, Drew Tabor and many more use
the website to create a fan base and go on to selling their music
via iTunes.

Many of these “YouTube famous” musicians have appeared on a
variety of TV shows, such as comedian and talk show host Ellen’s
daytime TV show.

For example, Greyson Chance, who was only a sixth-grader when
his talent show cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” went viral, landed
a spot on the talk show and soon went on to snag a record deal with
the TV personality.

The power of YouTube videos has been seriously underrated when
it comes to some artists on the mainstream music radar today.

Justin Bieber was discovered with his YouTube videos as a child
that ultimately earned him his superstar career.

The teen heartthrob’s music video for “Baby” is now the
most-watched YouTube video with more than 640,000,000 views, all
because his mom uploaded videos of his home performances on the

The website also offers plenty of opportunity for YouTube
artists to collaborate.

My favorite YouTube collaboration is the YouTube Symphony

Musicians from around the world download sheet music and
audition for a spot in the symphony via YouTube. The videos and
audio sound bytes are then combined into a single YouTube video

Music is taken 10 steps further via YouTube with a tool through
the YouTube Symphony Orchestra called “Experiment.”

A “marker” that can either be printed on paper or captured with
a phone is used to pluck virtual strings through a webcam on a
computer screen, similar to a video game.

The virtual music can be recorded and shared with friends.

“Experiment” can be found at

In our technologically-advanced world, YouTube has provided a
new platform for musicians and their fans.

Through YouTube, talent is the deciding factor of fame.

And the Beat Goes On

And the Beat Goes On

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