Top 10 music blogs

By Cecily Arambula

Good music blogs get you your music as soon as it drops with
streaming MP3s, Youtube videos, mixtape downloads, etc. My “me”
time is taken up by surfing a number of different music blogs. So
here they are, in no specific order, my top ten favorite music

1. Pigeons and planes

A variety of music fans will find the versatility of this blog
appealing. Pigeons and Planes is where I get a ton of my new music.
It has expanded my library not only by the number of songs, but
also by the genres in it. Pigeons are the new artists and planes
are the mainstream artists, both taking flight into the music
industry. The blog brings the two worlds of underground and
mainstream together, and does so in a balanced and cohesive

2. Pretty Much Amazing

This blog not only keeps up-to-date with the latest mainstream
and indie music, it also offers a mix of its posts in a stream
form. It’s like Pandora, but with new music actually worth
listening to.

3. iLL Roots

This blog provides hip-hop fans with the most current updates of
the genre. This blog is one of the quickest ones I’ve seen,
updating blog posts as soon as artists release new material. A lot
of up-and-coming artists are featured on this blog before they make
it big and it is where I get most, if not all, of my hip-hop

4. Free Indie

Although they are short, the commentaries on these posts are
some of my favorites. In a sentence, or sometimes even in a word,
the commentators give readers a feel for the songs posted. How
could you resist hitting play on a song with a comment, such as “A
canoe ride through an electronic tunnel of love”?

5. All Songs Considered

Bob Bollen and Robin Hilton create a conversation with their
listeners and readers. They’re real and although All Songs
Considered isn’t exactly the most updated blog, new posts are
always worth listening to. Bollen and Hilton create the perfect
balance between music content and personable elements. Audio,
visuals and commentary all come together to make this NPR blog one
of the best.

6. Cassette From My Ex

This is more of a website than a blog, but the user submissions
create that blogosphere feel. This one draws material from the
past. Cassette From My Ex publishes submissions from people who
come upon old mixtapes from previous romantic flames. The songs are
posted along with a commentary explaining their romance and it
creates an emotional element not too commonly found on other music
sites. This blog goes to show that a song can be so much more than
just a song.

7. Private Noise

When I see people with their headphones on, I always wonder what
they are listening to. Private Noise allows readers to get to know
strangers through what is playing in their headphones. This blog
combines pictures of people with a sound byte of what they are
listening to. Users can even submit their own pictures and “now
playing” songs. Private Noise goes to show we should never judge a
book by its cover.

8. This Bonus Track

This is one of the most organized music blogs I have come
across. It is also one of the most visually appealing. Readers are
sure to appreciate “Sample Sundays” and “Throwback Thursdays.”

9. The Recommender

Not only are MP3s posted on this blog, but it actually
“recommends” other music blogs. Interviews with editors of other
blogs and links to them are published, which makes The Recommender
more than a one-sided resource.

10. Twitter

This one really isn’t a music blog at all. However, a lot of
artists reward their Twitter followers with exclusive releases,
announcements, promotions, etc. and really, that’s what a music
blog is all about.

And the Beat Goes On

And the Beat Goes On

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