Marvel’s armored superhero flick lacks action in sequel

By Aaron Fenn

Iron Man 2Starring: Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Mickey
Rourke, and Sam RockwellRuntime: 125 mins.FinalRating: 3 out of 4

In an introductory scene of “Iron Man 2,” Tony Stark, played by
Robert Downey Jr., goes zipping through the skies as Iron Man,
lands on the stage at the Stark Expo and exclaims to crowds of
people gathered inside, “Oh, it’s good to be back.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. Stark.

“Iron Man 2” picks right up where the original left off.

Iron Man had revealed his true identity to the American public
as Tony Stark, which is a big “no-no” in the unwritten guidelines
of how to be a superhero.

Downey Jr. reprises his role as Stark and is absolutely better
than ever. Downey offers a character that is hilariously sarcastic,
vulnerable and a pure delight to watch on screen.

“Moon’s” Sam Rockwell is also incredible as the “business-man
villain” Justin Hammer and steals almost every single scene he
appears in.

Surprisingly, the film is sparse on its action sequences but
manages to still entertain its audience with interesting dialogue
and comedic bits revolving around Stark’s sarcastic rants.

Although the film is highly entertaining, one of the problems
with “Iron Man 2” is there are just too many things going on in one

I can’t help but feel that anything to do with the Avengers and
Scarlett Johansson’s Natalie Rushman, also known as Black Widow,
was solely thrown in to garner appreciation among “fanboys”

While these scenes may be entertaining, director Jon Faverau
seems to have forgotten the old adage of “less is more.”
Ultimately, “Iron Man 2” lacks the simplicity that made the first
one so incredibly fun.

The bottom line is that “Iron Man 2” stars Downey Jr. as Tony
Stark. That, in itself, has more entertainment value than most

It’s a sequel that may not be better than the first one, but
it’s still a pretty good time at the movies and a nice way to kick
off the summer film season.

On a side note, if you consider yourself a “fanboy,” stay until
the final credits for something that will make you smile with

However, if you do not, you may be entirely puzzled as to what
that final image actually means.

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Courtesy Paramount Pictures

Marvel’s armored superhero flick lacks action in sequel

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