Aspiring saxophonist

By Annette Vitkievicz

While Fox’s hit comedy-musical television show “Glee” has
collected fans across the country, the program’s open audition is
giving one Cal Poly student something to sing about.

Justin Page, a first-year political science and psychology
student, is striving for a spot on the show’s fall season cast with
his musical submission.

“There’s no better arena for me,” said Page. “The whole process
has been amazing.”The critically-acclaimed program, which debuted
May 2009, features several actors and actresses with no previous
professional experience.

Nationwide open auditions for the show’s second season encourage
16 to 26-year-old amateurs and professionals to apply for three to
four available roles.

Page’s performance includes a monologue and his rendition of
Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” where he blends singing with his

“They’re looking for likable people and they will probably look
at videos with over 5,000 votes,” said Page. “I have 7,300 votes. I
should know my results by the summer.”

With three years of professional saxophone experience, Page said
his instrument of choice will set him apart from other “Glee”

“My audition is the only song on the saxophone,” said Page. “I
think it’s a unique approach to singing and playing.”

Page began playing the instrument in fourth grade, despite
discouragement from a music teacher.

“I begged my teacher but she said no,” said Page. “I rented one
and told her it was the only instrument available, so she had to
let me.”

After more than nine years of playing, Page named his instrument
and refers to it as female.

“My passion is Bertha,” said Page. “She gives birth to my music
and embodies the saxophone spirit within me.”

Influenced by saxophonist Kenny G and pop star Natasha
Bedingfield, Page’s modern pop musical style is rare due to the low
number of singer-saxophonists.

“Many are too afraid to sing and be performers,” said Page. “It
requires a lot of confidence.”

Page said he composed his own music because very little material
for singer-saxophonists exists.

While writing additional musical parts requires more work, Page
said he enjoys the creative process and feels his voice and
saxophone are connected.

“After watching me play and hearing me sing, people always say
my voice matches Bertha,” said Page.

Family and friends helped Page promote his video to increase

Page’s clip has gained popularity with the help of numerous
social media websites and word-of-mouth.

Allyce Chong, a second-year chemical engineering student, helped
upload Page’s submission online and is an active promoter of the

“I had my mom send it around to people at work,” said Chong.
“It’s posted all over Facebook and YouTube.”

Jessica Koffler, a third-year theater student, said she enjoys
Page’s audition and performance style.

“He adds his own twist,” said Koffler. “His passion just really
shines through.”

Page balances playing music with taking 19 units, speaking on
human sexuality panels, performing in the Bronco Pep Band and
training to be an Orientation Leader.

After graduation, Page plans to attend law school and ultimately
become an entertainment lawyer.

In the meantime, Page has sights set on joining “Glee” and
bringing glee to others.”He’s always performing and making people
smile,” said Koffler. “The world is his stage.”

Search “Justin Page” and “Glee audition” on to
follow the link and vote.

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Aspiring saxophonist:

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Aspiring saxophonist:

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