Kicking butt success in new action hero film

By Aaron Fenn

Dave Lizewski, played by British actor Aaron Johnson, a
comic-book nerd, wonders aloud to his friends one day, “How come
nobody _Òå_s ever tried to be a superhero?”

His friend Marty, played by “Hot Tub Time Machine” actor Clark
Duke, responds quickly:

“Dude, if anybody did it in real life, they would be dead in
like, a day.”

Through those two lines of dialogue is the premise to the action
packed, uber-violent, often comical, exhilarating superhero film
“Kick-Ass” is born.

Soon after, Dave is crafting a green wetsuit into a superhero
costume and trying to fight off goons as his alter ego

The key word here is “trying.”

During his first bout as Kick-Ass, Dave ends up in the hospital.
Once he recovers he meets superheroes that are a little better at
vigilante justice, Nicolas Cage’s as Big Daddy and the wonderful
Chlo_ÒåÇ Moretz’s as Hit Girl. Together they begin to fight off
“baddies” and get one step closer to taking down Frank DiAmico,
played with delightful villainous charm by Mark Strong, “Sherlock

One of the things that everyone will be talking about is Moretz
as Hit Girl. Concerns have been voiced by the public and critics
about the message the character is sending the youth in the real

It is a fake comic-book movie and has a hard R-rating. Watching
an 11-year-old girl annihilate a room full of thugs in incredibly
well choreographed fight sequences is a jaw-dropping good time.

Moretz is a delight to watch on-screen, as is Cage, who channels
a very amusing “Adam West as Batman” sort of dialect, when he is
suited up as Big Daddy.

In addition, Johnson adds a much needed realistic touch to the
film who contains both depth and an emotional core to the

The real star of the film though is director Matthew Vaughn’s
unbelievably entertaining action sequences.

Those willing to take the plunge into this cinematic/comic-book
world may find themselves cheering, laughing, and sitting back in
awe at all of the immensely enjoyable, off-the-wall, “kick your
ass,” entertainment has to offer.

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Kicking butt success in new action hero film

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Kicking butt success in new action hero film

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