By Stephanie Fehrmann

He’s met Magic Johnson and Spike Lee.

He became a sergeant in the army after spending only two years
in Germany during the Vietnam War.

He’s smoked a cigarette with Andy Garcia and has been to over
400 concerts in his lifetime.

But when asked what his happiest times in life were he answers
“working at Cal Poly.”This is Captain Moonlight.

Captain Moonlight, formerly known as King Richard and legally
named Richard Baron, was given the nickname “Captain Moonlight”
when he temporarily began working the graveyard shift for
facilities in 2001.

A self-described people person, Captain Moonlight loves
interacting with students and teaching them valuable life

“I love working here and everything,” said Moonlight. “I’m in
the form of a leader so I can teach [students] things will help
them later in their life, like being punctual and not being lazy;
certain techniques that I’ve learned while being a custodian for
thirty-something years.”

Moonlight has been working at Cal Poly for over 17 years, after
being hired on the day of his initial interview ” October 19,

He plans on staying here until retirement, and is avoiding
taking the coordinator position until it becomes physically
necessary for him to do so.

“I plan on working at least another ten years, and we’ll see
after that,” said Moonlight.

“They offered me coordinator, but I don’t like staying in an
office and going to meetings all day. I’ll move around as long as I
can and then take that job.”

Captain Moonlight supports Cal Poly sports, and has been to 282
basketball games during his time at Cal Poly. He will be recognized
sometime next year for attending 300.

Although Captain Moonlight loves his life at Cal Poly, he too
has experienced his fair share of heartbreak.

In 1987, after being married for 16 years, his wife divorced

Moonlight blames his alcoholism at the time, and even gave up
drinking after being given an ultimatum. She divorced him

This July, he will be 23 years sober.

Captain Moonlight loves 98 percent of his job, and describes the
stress of cleaning up after big parties as being the only negative
aspect of his official list of duties.

One of his most memorable moments while at Cal Poly was mopping
the upper floor of the BSC, near the glass doors, and looking up to
find a horse with it’s face pressed against the glass door.

Four horses had escaped and he was responsible for the difficult
task of getting three of them back to their appropriate domain.

Moonlight looks back at his time at Cal Poly with a smile on his
face, and looks forward to his future working for the

“You gotta love your job, if you love your job, life goes
smoothly” said Moonlight.

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Jonny Tai/Poly Post



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