Making a splash in ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

By Aaron Fenn

The year is 1986: Lady Gaga was born; Cary Grant passed away;
the first PC virus known as Brain started to spread; “Out of
Africa” won the Oscar for Best Picture and the United Nations
designated 1986 as the International Year of Peace. Oh, and
“Winterfest ’86” takes place, where four friends from 2010 travel
through time from a hot tub to attempt their best to not mess up
the future.”Hot Tub Time Machine” is exactly what the title leads
one to believe. The film is about a hot tub that is also a time
machine. Now, that alone may sound like the setup for a truly
terrible movie, but fear not. “Hot Tub Time Machine” delivers some
of the most solid, laugh-out-loud moments and one-liners in a film
since last year’s smash hit, “The Hangover.”The four time
travelling friends are Adam, Lou, Nick and Jacob, played by John
Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke

One of the things that works so well in “Hot Tub Time Machine”
is how effectively each character is introduced within the first
fifteen minutes of the film. The audience immediately gets the
sense of who these people are and truly understands how these
friends would stay in touch throughout the years.Each character is
introduced in an equally hilarious fashion, including an
unbelievably hysterical moment involving Lou rocking out to Motley
Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” in his garage.It’s all extremely funny
stuff, however, “Hot Tub Time Machine” is not a film for everyone.
It’s the type of film that includes numerous jokes about oral sex,
a running gag that gets funnier instead of repetitive involving the
loss of a bellboy’s arm, the invention of combining Twitter and
Viagra (Twitagra), too many ’80s references to count, vomit, dog
feces, urine, a line about “Gary Coleman’s forearm”, and a sight
gag involving “soap” which this particular critic is surprised made
it past the MPAA.

This is a film that pushes the boundaries in vulgar and crude
humor but never once pushes too hard. Each and every joke lands
harder than the last and even when the crudeness is at an all time
high, the film knows how to handle its material well enough to make
its audience laugh rather than cringe.”Hot Tub Time Machine” is a
film that knows that it’s ridiculous and instead of figuring out
how to ground itself more in reality, it just runs with it. The
film blends incredibly stupid humor with surprisingly smart, witty
dialogue that credits the movie with most of its charm.Sure, the
characters’ journey is one that most audience members will see
coming a mile away. Yes, the film doesn’t necessarily have the
“heart” that Judd Apatow films tend to have. It includes a few
cheesy moments involving “the bond of friendship,” by the end of
the film, its minor flaws aren’t missed one bit.”Hot Tub Time
Machine” is the most hilarious and entertaining comedy to come out
of 2010 thus far. It’ll make you want to hop in that Jacuzzi with
your buddies, set the display to 1986, and let the good times
roll.Did I fail to mention that it also includes the best and
funniest use of “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas to


Making a splash in

Courtesy of MGM/United Artist Pictures

Making a splash in ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

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