Apple reveals a giant iPhone as the future laptop

By Anthony Clegg

With the initial excitement of the iPad’s introduction fading,
many Cal Poly students admit their hesitation in purchasing Apple’s
new tablet computer.

Since as early as 2000, Apple has been developing a tablet
computer that has been championed as some mythological revolution
to personal computing.

Tablet computers are not a new idea, however, as other companies
have made tablets available for many years to minimal success.

On January 27, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPad, an
almost perfect cross section between the popular iPod touch and a

It combines the relative size and basic needs of a laptop with
the popular touch technology, operating system and entertainment
features present in the iPhone and iPod touch.

With this in mind, many Cal Poly students believe the iPad to be
an unnecessary device as various iPad uses can be achieved through
other similar devices.

“It’s just a large iPod touch, so I don’t see the point of [the
iPad],” said Richard Huang, a second-year computer science student.
“The name of it is also a turn-off.”

Furthermore, some students criticize some of the technological
shortcomings of the device as being a huge purchase-deciding

“I would not buy one because it does not have a USB port or a
card reader,” said David Yee, a first-year chemical engineering

Another important feature the iPad lacks is, as with the iPhone,
support for Adobe Flash player.

This program is responsible for viewing a large amount of
content on the Internet, including videos and games.

Others would not purchase an iPad based on an Apple brand

“I would not get one because I have always been a bit
intimidated by Apple [products],” said Kim Lucero, a fourth-year
nutrition and food student. “They are kind of complicated, but I do
have an iPod though.”

There are those who view the iPad as something that combines the
transportability of an iPod touch with the needs only a laptop has
been able to satisfy until now.

“I would buy one, but I’m not really a Mac user,” said Kenneth
Tam, a fourth-year accounting student. “It is portable so I can use
it on my lap, it is lighter than a laptop and the rechargeable
battery is supposed to be better than a laptop.”

Battery issues have always been a bane of Apple products even
among the most loyal of Apple supporters.

Issues of low iPhone battery life have only exacerbated this

The iPad seems to have resolved some of Apple’s battery issues,
by pushing their battery technology to last up to 10 hours while
surfing the Internet or watching videos, and more than 140 hours of
just music playback.

Another selling point for the iPad is its price. The starting
price of the iPad is the same of that for the iPhone upon its
original launch.

When the iPhone was originally launched in 2007, the price
ranged from $499 to $599.

Similarly, the price for the iPad ranges from $499 to $829,
depending on the desired storage space and Internet

“I would get one because it is priced okay,” said Shaun Rogers,
a fifth-year chemical engineering student. “Compared to laptops in
functionality, it is pretty good too, but it is a Mac, so
compatibility with non-Mac programs is an issue. Everything else
seems nice though.”

Compatible programs would be an issue for the iPad, especially
for college students looking to operate such programs as Microsoft
Word and Powerpoint.

Apple does have its own version of these programs available on
the iPad and files may be saved in any number of formats.

The biggest draw for the iPad may be the media content available
through the it.

Consumers may use the iPad to listen to music, watch movies,
surf the Internet, send e-mail and view photos.

One new feature to the Apple device is the ability to download
and read books, similar to such devices as the Amazon Kindle and
Sony Reader can provide.

The iPad prove detrimental to these other appliances as they may
only be used to read digital books, while the iPad offers far

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Apple reveals a giant iPhone as the future laptop

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Apple reveals a giant iPhone as the future laptop

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