Colbie Caillat is just as ‘Bubbly’ in person

By Erik Carr

GrammyU, a collegiate program helping introduce young and new
musical students to the entertainment industry, hosted a sound
check with Colbie Caillat at Hollywood’s House of Blues on

Students were able to experience firsthand concert prep-time and
a question and answer session with the songstress to talk about her
musical career.

“I’m a singer and songwriter also,” said Kate Acton, who is part
of a band named Kate Brittany. “She’s a lot like my music, so she’s
a big inspiration for me.”

Caillat was preparing for her two back-to-back night shows with
special guests Howie Day and Trevor Hall.

She is on tour promoting her sophomore album, “Breakthrough,”
released in August. It debuted at No. 1 as the highest selling
album in the country. The first single “Fallin’ for You,” peaked at
No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“[Her music is] easy going, kind of like Jack Johnson,” said
Adam Gossman, who attended the concert as a birthday present from
his wife.

She is performing in low capacity venues, which creates a more
intimate setting for the fans at the House of Blues.

Before her big break, Caillat gained popularity through
word-of-mouth from posting her songs on Myspace. When she added the
single “Bubbly” in 2007, her page pulled in a few thousand hits a

Rolling Stone highlighted her as one of the top female artists
on the web. For four months, she was the No. 1 unsigned artist
until Universal Republic signed her.

Her first album “Coco” reached No. 5 on Billboard’s Top 200.

Overnight, Caillat went from a small town girl to pop singer in
demand. As the number of fans increased, so did her stardom.
Adjustment to her instant fame lifestyle was called to order.

“When I first started out, it was insane,” said Caillat. “I
didn’t think I could handle it because it was from morning until
night. That was a lot to me.”

Not only was it the transition to the fame she had to

“I used to have really bad stage fright, but now I look forward
to every performance,” said Caillat.

Since then Caillat has been collaborating with other well-known
artists like Jason Mraz, creating “Lucky” which peaked at No. 48 on
Billboard’s top 100, to touring the country with the Goo Goo Dolls
and Lifehouse.

“I love collaborating,” said Caillat. “I first started out with
Jason Reeves. We write a lot of songs together and come up with
songs that neither one of [us] would have come up with on our own.
We kind of pull things out of each other.”

Caillat’s musical roots were present with her from the very
beginning. Her father is sound engineer Ken Caillat, who was
instrumental in the production of Fleetwood Mac’s legendary 1977
album “Rumours” and its ambitious follow-up “Tusk,” released in

Caillat did not get bit by the musical bug, however, until she
was 11 years old, when she heard the song “Killing Me Softly” by
the Fugees for the first time. She was inspired by that song so
much that she began to sing. Ever since then, she has been in love
with the art.

While she was growing up, she listened to Bob Marley, Fleetwood
Mac, Lauryn Hill, John Mayer and Notorious B.I.G. She tries to
combine the music of these acts into her songs in order to try to
reach everyone.

“I really like the way her guitar and her lyrics mesh well
together. They have a cool vibe of reggae, pop and R&B mixing
altogether,” said Christie Tckarhoutian, a USC student. “It feels
like you can listen to her music on the beach, any time. I love her
songwriting. I think she is a really talented songwriter.”

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Colbie Caillat is just as

Chris Sloan/Poly Post

Colbie Caillat is just as ‘Bubbly’ in person

Colbie Caillat is just as

Chris Sloan/Poly Post

Colbie Caillat is just as ‘Bubbly’ in person

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