New drink may solve PMS syndrome issues

By Larissa Castanon

Students are wary about the two new drinks debuted last month by
the Dr. Chao Herbal Drink line.

Adults who want to enhance sexual pleasures and women with
severe premenstrual syndrome can drink the all-natural, 8 ounce
beverage to assist and relieve their issues.

“Where [can] I buy it,” said first-year biology student, Lisa
Hoang. “It’s a pretty cool drink if it can do all of that. But is
it possible . . . Have they done tests?”

Testimonials on the U.S. People Foods & Beverages Company
Web site,, state the drink works. Monique from Baldwin
Park proclaimed that it has changed her life.

Dr. Chao Herbal Lady Drink not only alleviates PMS, but also
improves skin, promotes internal wellbeing and weight loss.

Several male students were pleased to hear that there was a
drink out there that could help females during their troubling

“It’s the greatest invention ever,” said fourth-year mechanical
engineering student, Michael Gibson. “Nagging will go down. It will
bring love and peace into the world.”

According to The National Women’s Health Research Center, about
75 percent of females experience PMS symptoms like bloating,
cramping, acne breakouts, mood swings, headaches, depression and

Bonnie Thorne, Cal Poly professor of psychology and sociology,
believes that it is impossible for the Lady drink to do all it says
it will.

“One of the things about PMS is there is no clear definition and
accepted set of symptoms,” said Thorne.

It’s a detoxifying drink that the company claims is free from
all the sugar, caffeine and calories that energy and other modern
enhancement drinks have.

Dr. Chao Herbal Adult Drink is reported to help maintain a
healthy libido by enhancing the sexual hormones and glands. It is
similar to Viagra but in liquid form.

“Guys will definitely buy it because it will look like a health
drink,” said Hoang.

To promote and make the drink socially accepted, its packaging
was designed to look like the other energy drinks.

Throne said the drink is mainly for men because women produce
low levels of the same hormones men produce.

Some students are skeptical of all the beneficial claims the
company declares.

“I think it’s a joke, there are so many products out there,”
said first-year aerospace student Miguel Maya.

Maya believes the drink shouldn’t be used until men reach their
“golden years.”

While most students where convinced the Adult drink is for an
older crowd, Jane Zheng, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at
UPFB, said the drink is for young adults as well.

It revitalizes and helps resist the ailments that contribute to
sexual sluggishness.

Students like fourth-year civil engineering student Juan Espino,
think the drink will help men get rid of their sex phobias of being
ill equipped.

Espino works as a pharmacist and serves many male customers who
seem shy about getting their medicines.

“Male customers always avoid the female pharmacist,” said

The self-help drinks are brewed with a three-generation family
secret and 5,000-year-old Chinese remedies.

Chao moved the company from China to the U.S. in 2007.

The headquarters for Chao’s company, U.S. People Foods &
Beverages Company, is now in Claremont.

The company grows the herbs in China and then liquefies them in
a facility in Wisconsin.

It is now available at the Whole Foods Market and HOWS Market
selling for $3.49.

Reach Larissa Castanon at:

New drink may solve PMS syndrome issues

Roland Tran/Poly Post

New drink may solve PMS syndrome issues

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